Academica mobility and international comunications

Rysbekova Aigul Begmanalievna

Head of the department of academic mobility and international cooperation

Department of Academical mobility and international cooperation

    According to the command of the Rector in 2011-2012 years there was established Academical mobility and international cooperation department. There were defined the  new basic positions  on the basis of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 20.04.2011 № 152 of the command: «The position about organizing external and internal academical mobility», «The position about foreign calleaguesmanship and  the order compensation of invitation», « The position about international relation of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute».


    On the base of Academical mobility:

-Invited local and foreign academic teachers;

-The students of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute were sent to the    local    and  foreign universities-partners;

- There are opportunities to accept and to send students to the local and foreign university-partners.

                The program of academical mobility is realizing in two ways:

1)     External academical mobility ( with foreign universities);

2)     Internal academical mobility (with local universities).

Cooperation agreements with national universities and institutions:

International cooperation agreements with foreign institutions: