Department of certification and accreditation

 Sugirbaeva Gulzhan Dauletbekovna

                                                                           Head of the Department, Cand. Sci. (History) 


 In accordance with the requirements of Standards IS ISO 9001: 2015 on education and science quality improvement,  at the suggestion of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute authority (further SKSPI), Rector's order № 4-08 from 14 November, 2011 there was founded the Department of Certification and Accreditation (CAD).

      Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent  Gulzhan Sugirbaeva Dauletbekovna was appointed as a head of the department.

Main responsibilities of the department:

1. Management system quality improvement at SKSPI;

2. Execution of QMS policies and objectives at all departments of the SKSPI;

3. Development, implementation and improvement of the QMS documentation;

4. Increase awareness and competence of staff and students of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute in the Quality Management System;

5. Preparation for accreditation of the Institute (institutional and specialized) and its conducting.

            Department of Certification and Accreditation (CAD) is guided by laws, administrative and legal acts of the RK, MS ISO 9001: 2015, the charter of SKSPI, decisions of the Coordinating Council and RLQ; local acts.   

In order to increase the Quality of Management System, SKSPI annually by the scedule is controlled by internal and external Audit.

     In 2012 the SKSPI  working process on Quality of Management System was controlled and adopted as a conformitted to MS ISO 9001:2015  and got the suitability Certificate  #12.0522.026 from 7 June, 2012.  The Certificate is operated till 7 June, 2015. Certifying company –  «Russian Registr - Eurasia  «RRЕ» – in 2012 recognized SKSPI as the “The best SMQ Higher School”.    The seminars on items 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ISO 9001: 2015and according to the method and technology of internal Audits are systematically conducted for Institute staff.   In September,  2014 the Institute signed an Agreement with "Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IKQAAE)” and has started the preparatory work on Institutional and Specialized Accreditation by 23 undergraduate specialties. 

             Certification and Accreditation Department (CAD):

  1. Sugirbaeva Gulzhan Dauletbekovna – Head of CAD, Candidate of History Sciences, Docent;
  2. Aydarova Amangul Amirovna - CAD Professional. 
  3. Satibekova Elmira Sultanovna-CAD Professional.
  4. Raimkulova Zhanna Begmanovna  - CAD Professional.
  5. Omarova Raikhan Dairabaevna-CAD Professional.