Department of Culture



Fakhridinova Khadisha Shamshidinovna

Department of Culture aims at organization of  cultural events and leads participating students to  beauty, art, culture of music and also supports the work of talented young people, raises patriotism among youth . Furthermore ,it has an objective of preparing talented students for regional, national and international competitions, effective use of aesthetic education and leisure time and widen their outlook.

The sound producer of the department - Olzhas Bayteev. Responsibilities - organization and holding of cultural events (concerts, dance parties, festivals, contests) in the various of cultural events to tune sound amplification, electronic and musical equipment.

The methodologist of the Department of Culture - Nurzhan Baimakhanov. Responsibilities – making a timetable of circles; making  schedules by taking into account the lessons of the circle; checking the schedules of all clubs with curriculum approved.

9 sections of the Department of Culture:

Modern Pop Variety Art Club - presenting all-round genre of pop styles, improving abilities to perform a variety of styles and dramatic facial expressions, motions, voice features, microphone work with, use of phonogram, etc. coach of the mastery. The head - Khadisha Shalabayeva.

Vocal Circle influences on improving of  students' artistic content of vocal repertoire and preparing effectively for  concert events in the development of musical numbers,  teaches students to sing popular songs and perform in a variety of genres in order to develop  talents of in different directions. The head - Darkhan Dzhumayev.

CPC circle improves the agility of thoughts in combination with the agility of language on a stage, resourcefulness, improve their sense of humor and satirical artistism. The  Head - Medet Doskhanaev.


Students of Dance Club learn with dances elements of folk, classical, academic actions and the movement , and prepare to dance synchronically on a stage . The head – Kuat Taukeev.

"Akbayan" Students` fashion theatre deals with guys and girls who have parameters according to the  world requirements of the fashion industry. Models are taught to comprehensive nuances of the art , theatrical facial expressions, stage fashion shows, improved trajectory. The head -  Marat Erimbetov.

“Aitis” circle increases students' interest in the art though promoting lives and works of the masters of literature and art, the Kazakh traditions. The head of- Birzhan Baytuov.

Dombra circle obliges to improve high artistic quality of a repertoire and perfect preparation to concert events, gather poets in order  to further improve the creative, cultural, literary and spiritual content undertake in the organization of events. The head - Rose Sıraylova.

The circle of folk instruments  is obliged to provide a variety of toolsfor creative services, using forms and methods of the student's musical art to provide interesting content to meet with young people in the region, renowned for its talented, to increase students' interest in the art world. Folk instruments: kobyz, harp, and other types of device, such as sazsırnay. The head - Erkebulan Sabit.

Photo and video circle is obliged to give opportunities, favorable conditions and meet the demand of  each youngster with a passion for creativity. That is, to teach different aspects of the photo and video art. The head - Zhauinbek Abuov.