Department of Culture

The department of culture

                 Chief Producer

Tazhy Aigerim Bakhytovna

The department of culture aims at organizing and participating in the cultural events of the students participating in beauty, art, culture, support of talented youth, education of young people in the national spirit, preparing talented youth for the city, regional, republican, international competitions, Kazakh pop and art. . It envisages aesthetic education and effective use of leisure, discovery of youth talent, development of progressive ideas of young people in new perspectives

Event organizer of the department of culture - Nurpopa Diana Nuralievna.

The mission is to organize cultural events (concerts, dance performances, festivals, contests) in different areas of culture. Features and innovations in organizing.


The director of the department of culture - Olzhas Bayteev. Objective - provision of audio, sound, electronic and clay equipment in the activities of cultural events (concerts, discos, festivals, competitions) in different cultural activities.

Methodist Specialist of the Department of Culture - Nurzhan Baymakhanov. Task - Creates a schedule of lessons on the subject; creates a circle schedule, taking into account students' lessons; to ensure that all attendees are prepared and approved for compliance with the curriculum

There are 9 circles of the Department of Culture:

The Estrada circle boosts performance skills in different styles, introducing the diverse styles of the genre, and scenic imagination, gesture, voice features, microphone work, use of the soundtrack etc. skills. Leader - Khadisha Shalabayeva.

Vocal circle helps students to improve their repertoire of high artistic content and to prepare musical numbers in concert performances, to teach popular songs in different genres and to conduct competitions and festivals for the development of student creative talents. Leader is Darkhan Dzhumayev.


The dance club teaches students to elements of folk dance, classical, academic movements and prepares them for a synchronized dance group on the stage. Leader - Kuat Taukeev, Choreographer - Ergebekova Lyazzat.

Student theater of "Akbayan" works with the girls in the parameter according to the requirements of the world fashion industry. Clothes teaches you the versatility of the fashion show. Stage scenes, scenic defiles, tracks the trajectories. The head is Marat Yerimbetov.

Aitys circle boosts students' interest in the world of art by promoting the life and work of the literary and art critics, Kazakh traditions, culture and art. The head is Birzhan Baytuov.