Department of vocational orientation, employment and practice Head (Leader) of the department

Department of vocational orientation, employment and practice

Head (Leader) of the department

 Mamadiyarov Marat Duisenuly

 In 1982-1988 y. Student of the Shymkent teacher training institute of culture named after Al-Farabi and chairman of trade-union committee. The organizer of cultural and educational work of institute has finished with honors as a methodologist.

In 1988 conducted teaching activity at the Shymkent teacher training institute of culture named after Al-Farabi. In 1998 for 2004 held a position of the dean of faculty of physical culture, sport and tourism at the SKSU named after Auyezov. 

In 2003 he defended his thesis on "Treatment of territorial development of the concept of Tourism (in the example of the South Kazakhstan region)"

In 2004-2007 held a position of the dean of faculty of the International humanitarian - technical university.

In 2007-2009 held a position of the associate professor of  the international tourism and service at the SKSU named after Auyezov.

In 2009-2011 was at a position of the head of practice at the SKSU named after Auyezov.

In 2011-2013 academic years manager of department of geography at the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute.

In 2013-2014 academic year holds a position of the head of educational and methodical management at the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute.

Since 2014 the head of the department of geography at the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute, in 2015 department of practice of educational and methodical management, since April, 2016 holds a position of the dean of faculty of Natural sciences. Since September, 2016 holds a position of the head of department of a professional orientation, employment and practice.

Mamadiyarov M. has more than 70 scientific works of educational and methodical benefits. Author of textbooks "Geography of tourism:potential touristic-recreational Resources of the Great Silk Way", "geography of the Arab countries", "touristic-recreational Resources of the South Kazakhstan Areas".




(Manager) Head of the practice sector​

Молданова Жазира Илесовна


   Тел:  8701-231-08-44







Responsible methodologist (methodist)​

Мирзакулова Айгерим Торебековна










The purpose of practice is strengthening of the competences received by the student deepening and fixing of theoretical knowledge of half-scientists during development of professional educational programs and use of these practical skills in practice. Training of competitive experts and their independent professional activity on the chosen specialty, fixing with practical skills of the theoretical knowledge of students gained during the professional educational program.


Forming of practical and communicative skills on the basis of the qualified requirements of the educational standard of the higher education. Synthesis of experience when carrying out educational work.

- forming of the professional identity of the expert meeting the new requirements;

- forming professiolnalnykh of skills necessary for professional activity, direct interrelation of students with practical activities;

- forming of skills of creative, research approaches in professional activity of students, mastering of abilities to analyze results of independent work.

Practical bases

Practical bases of all types of practice are formed according to curricula of specialties. Practical training is a component of educational process for students in HEI. Development of specialty at practical training in training of highly qualified specialists to set theoretical knowledge, use of practical skills at each grade level both the systematic and purposeful actions directed to assimilation by students of competences.

Practical bases must to meet the following main requirements:

- must correspond to a type of practice, specialty, specialization;

- must composed within stipulated by the program of the state standard of professional activity;

 - to provide with qualified personnel for the organization and management of practice of students. Departments constitute the contract with practical bases to the new academic year.

Educational practice - students of specialty the choice on independent actions for the purpose of acquaintance. Practicians of institute, educational and auxiliary divisions based on, and also in the organizations it will be organized in the direction of specialty strengthens relations with a circle, develop abstract and analytical thinking.

Pedagogical practice (productional and pedagogical) - - in general scientific knowledge, psychology and pedagogical, methodical and special disciplines on deepening and fixing, and also pedagogical abilities, skills and forming of competences.

Pre-diploma practice of the student on the specific organization (companies, institutions), on the finding materials, offers and etc.  such peculiar conclusion of work posed to  the question (a subject of final work) provides creation. The student must show on occupations the knowledge and professional skill in the course of experience, organizational capabilities, abilities of decision making, discipline, responsibility, motivation.

Program of the professional practice

- The maintenance of each type of practice, the purpose and task of practice, including types of educational programs and features,  defined by programs, made with departments of the university. The purpose of the program. Practice-students directly in the places of practice seasoned professional and practical, it is the management process.

Practicioners should composes  the following sections of the program:

- the explanatory note (value, the purpose and tasks of practice, the formed competences, a reduced form)

- objects of practice (depending on its type), the list of possible jobs

- content of work, allocated for subject and volume

 - requirements for trainees

- right obligations trainee

- general and individual tasks to carry out the proposed (SOZZH and NIRS for research topics)

- order of maintaining diary of practice

- an order of writing of the report on practice and its content in the main part

- contents of applications in the report

- order of carrying out practice, conclusion

- expected contents and an order of execution of the characteristic from the entity, transferred in the probationer

- practicians criteria for evaluation of protection of the report and result

- recommended literature

The base structure of the professional practice

Professional practice of students according to programs of profile education, property (in the organizations, organizations) it can be organized in all types. Professional bases of practice it is determined by the issuing department. The department of students for practical training is conducted according to annually distinctions and the choice of new specialties, in places, the entities, organizations and the organizations, long-term agreements and affirms.

Practice of students in enterprises (organizations, institutions) to accommodate students or partnership agreements and the adoption of the contract in case of approval.

- Agreement with the bases of practice (basic and individual) contract professional experience on the organization of a standard contract shall be approved in accordance with the form of 1 month before the start of the academic year. Individual contracts on basic contracts with the absence or enterprise (base practice) not earlier than 1 month before the start of the academic year and approved the request.

Heads of departments of contracts after the approval, the list of practices database. Approved on the basis of contracts (two or three) with confirmation of reportable events, date and place to practice, look, head, department, with a specific contingent of students, make up a schedule of practice.

Career guidance​​

Космуратова Манзура Сматуллаевна

Responsible methodologist​







Career guidance

Responsible methodologist


  • the agreement, agreements, business partnerships with organizations of education for the purpose of assistance of employment of graduates by carrying out a fair vacancy system development through graduates of 100% employment
  • faculty, engaging in active participation in vocational orientation of school graduates on the basis of systematic research, quality training in their chosen specialty in the labor market, in accordance with the applicants
  • SKSPI for graduates in finding a permanent job in the specialty, there are prospects in the labor market specialties, information about dp, schools, non-school institutions, and other organizations, to establish long-term cooperation with employers and refresher courses for the teaching staff of secondary schools, preparatory courses for entrants in schools, educational trends, educational seminars, round tables, organization and carrying out of psychological trainings
  • organization of outreach workshops in the areas of South-Kazakhstan region, from secondary schools systematically to promote the teaching profession
  • and general secondary education, institutions, colleges, organization and coordination of professional orientation work

recruitment services and institutions of education and training of high school students in the subjects of choice

District of the city of Shymkent and owners "Altyn belgi" carrying out professional orientation work

on pedagogical specialties for 30% the organization and carrying out and carrying out work with graduates as a rural education quota

organization and carrying out questioning of external consumers

Graduates of schools and colleges of the city of Shymkent "Open Days" organization and carrying out.