Training methodical work

educational and methodical Department

In accordance with the lesson plan conducted by the teacher of the Department of chemistry of the faculty of natural Sciences-Baymuratova Zhaina Abilkhasimova group 1504-19A. 

 Discipline: Theoretical basis of inorganic chemistry. 

Тopic of the laboratory lesson : «Hydrolysis of salts»

At the department in the academic year 2018-2019, educational and methodological manuals of professors and teachers were published - 6, educational and methodological guidelines-3. collection of lectures-3, monograph-2.

Conducted scientific and methodological seminar -4

          1. Seminar on the subject of "chemistry of solvents" "on the topic" Surfact adsorption dynamics as studied with growing, oscillating, rising drops and bubbles "(Adsorption of surface-active substances studied with the growth of oscillating, ascending drops and bubbles).    

The seminar was led by Doctor Reinhard Miller.

          2. Discussion of the educational program as part of the updated educational program.   

3. Further training of teaching staff, subjects of the natural mathematical cycle as part of updating the content of secondary education (unscheduled)

4. "Discussion of the educational program as part of the updated educational program"          

In the academic year, 4 open lessons were planned and conducted:


Open lesson topic

the teacher

Method used


Subject: Organic chemistry of aliphatic compounds (Organic chemistry of aliphatic compounds)

Lesson topic: alcohols

Baimakhanova G.M.

The elements of collective learning, smart goals, associogram method, case-study, Kirkpatric control, relaxation, as well as pedagogical skills were presented. Elements of collective learning, smart goals, the associogram method, case-study, Kirkpatric control, relaxation, and also pedagogical skills were presented.


Subject: Qualitative Analysis

Lesson Topic: Qualitative Response

Shetybaev S. A.

An associogram was prepared and used. The KANOOTSK method using information technology was used.



Subject: Physical and colloidal chemistry

Lesson topic: Classification and nature of colloidal systems

Altayev  U.

Problem learning method


Subject: Quantitative Analysis

Lesson topic: Classification of redoximetry methods. Perganometry

Madybekova G..

Team Learning, Smart Goal, Using the Center






















The department plans to publish teaching manuals of professors and teachers, planned for the 2019-2020 academic year: 12

For the first half of the year 2 textbooks were prepared for publication:


the teacher

Prepared study guide

Completion form





Shinazbekova S.

Laboratory Analytical Chemistry Manual




5.5 p.p.


Baimuratova Zh.

Theoretical Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry

Training method. allowance

December, 2019

3,5 p.p.


Mutual attendance is planned for the first half of 2019-2020. by 8 and the second half by 7 of them; currently, 8 of them in the first half. Quality control of classes in English groups is being monitored. Associate Professor of the Department Baimakhanova G. M. and Senior Lecturer of the Department G. Baimuratova took part in seminars in English.

At the department in the fall semester 2019-2020. Associate professors of the department Kozykeeva R. and Madibekova G. conducted an open lesson in which young teachers at the faculty level took part. In open classes, innovative teaching methods were used. In particular, innovative learning technologies and its Case Study elements, “Associogram”, “extensive lecture”, “block teaching”, “CLIL”, etc. using methods. Also, teachers of the department improve the quality of training and teaching aids in the studied disciplines.