Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of natural sciences


 In the purpose  of realization of strategic plans of the President N. Nazarbayev’s 2014 year Message "The Kazakhstan way - 2050: the unique purpose, unique interests, the unique future" the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute holds events at various levels according to modern requirements. For the last three years works important for our future were carried out. For receiving recognition at the international level in the future, close connections with foreign universities are established, systematical works are carried out. The educational institution sets as the main goal in the short term to become the autonomous training establishment. Scientific school of natural sciences and mathematics for realization of requirements of time was transformed to faculty of Natural sciences by the decision of Scientific council in June 15 at N. 10 and on the basis of the Order N. 1/162 of the rector of institute in . In the faculty of natural sciences 526 students are trained, 104 of them are owners of educational grants and 422 are trained on a paid basis. As parts of the faculty the departments of chemistry, biology and geography are formed. PTS of the faculty of natural sciences consists of 41 persons. Among them: 4 doctors of sciences, 23 candidates of sciences. The scientific potencial of PTS makes 66%.

The following specialties are parts of the faculty of natural sciences: 1.5B011200 – "Chemistry".

2.5B011300 – "Biology".

3.5B011500 – "The right and the bases of the economy".

4.5B011600 – "Geography".


Research works of faculty are carried out in the following directions:

 - Modern environmental problems of RK and ways of their decision. Head: academician O. S. Balabekov.

- Topical issues of biology of animals. Head: associate professor H.M.Sartayeva.

 - Environmental issues of drinking water in SKO and researches of ways of their decision. Research of questions of cleaning of water resources. Heads: associate professors U. Altayev and G. Alpamysova.

- Preservation of biological variety of plants. Head: associate professor N. M. Bayseitova.

- Active types and methods of training of biology. Head: associate professor A.E.Aytbayeva, k.s-c.s., senior teacher G. S. Halykova.

  • Carrying out research works on the subject "Colloidal and Chemical Properties of Soluble Polymers and Preparation of Scientific Justification of Their Use". Research supervisor: Madybekova G. M.
  • - "Technology of preprocessing of agricultural crops". Research supervisor: Cand.Tech.Sci., professor Ashirov A.M.
  • - "Innovative methods of training chemistry". Research supervisor: c.ch.s., associate professor Shagrayeva B.
  •  - "Receiving new materials on the basis of composite BAZ of soluble polymers". Research supervisor: Madybekova G. M.


On faculty of natural sciences owners of the state grants work: "The best teacher of Higher education institution" A. N. Khalil's professor (2006), associate professors: H. M. Sartayeva (2007, 2011gg.), c.b.s., N. M. Bayseitova (2012). On December 6, 2013 by MES of RK certificate No. 508 associate professor H.M.Sartayeva was awarded with the sign "For a Special Contribution to Development of Science of RK" for a special contribution to science.

On April 12, on the eve of Day of scientists, for achievements in science and for an active contribution to scientific life of institute scientific researches, H.M.Sartayeva, G. B. Alpamysova, G. M. Madybekova, G. Baymakhanova, G. M. Baymakhanova were awarded by letters of thanks of the rector of institute.

 On April 12 – on the date of the research associate H.M.Sartayeva is awarded by the letter of thanks

During acquaintance of the vice-minister T. Balykbayev with laboratories of department of biology in 2014-2015 academic year.

On April 12 – by day of research associates of G. B. Alpamysova is awarded by the letter of thanks

The pride of the institute Ospan Alima Erzhanovna in the area championship under the name "Fight against Drug Addiction" took the 3rd place in the game "Togyz qumalaq", in the area championship among girls the 2nd place, in 2012, on the Republican tournament took the 2nd place, in the regional championship of 2013 became the owner of the 1st place.

The champion of area on "Togyz qumalaq" among girls A.E.Ospan is awarded by the certificate of honor.

During the period of April 9-11, 2015 at the Pavlodar state pedagogical institute (Pavlodar) the Republican subject Olympiada between students of specialty 5B011300-Biology organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of RK were held. The Olympiada took place in 2 stages. The first stage – on April 10 the general team competition was organized. 17 teams from all regions of the country participated in it and tested the fate. In spite of the fact that students of our institute participate for the first time, the team formed by students of specialty 5B011300-Biology, Sydykova Zhansaya (3 course), Tynyshtykbay Balausa (4 course) and Asanova Sandugash (3 course) under the head of Cand.Tech.Sci., the acting associate professor Isayev G. I., senior teacher Alpamysova A.B. in the general team scoreI won the 3rd place.

International scientific and practical conference «FIVE INSTITUTIONAL REFORMS GUARANTEE THE COUNTRY, S DEVELOPMENT»


For strengthening of external relations in the field of the international cooperation and education contracts were signed and close connections were established with Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, departments of "Biophysics and Biomedicine", "Genetics and Selection" KazNU after Al-Farabi, departments of "Physiology, Morphology and Biochemistry", "Biological Safety", "Fruit Vegetables, Chemistry and Protection of Plants", "Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology" of the Kazakh national agricultural university and the department of Biology of the Kazakh state pedagogical university. For lecturing in the actual directions of biological disciplines the leading teachers were invited to the department from the above mentioned higher education institutions. For example, in 2013-2014 academic year department of “Biology” invited the c.b.s. associate professor of KazNU after Al-Farabi, the famous zoologist, the author of the first textbook "Zoology" in the Kazakh language for the Kazakh audience, Dautbayeva Kulyash Adilbayevnu who gave classes in disciplines "Zoology of invertebrates" and "Zoology of vertebrata" for 2 course students of specialty 5B011300-Biology, and acquainted with methods of the organization of field practice.

Owner of a medal of Y.Altynsarin c.b.s., associate professor KAZNU after Al-Farabi, K. A. Dautbayeva carries out a round table with students.

Scientists of the department carry out research works in close connection with the following higher education institutions: Tolyatti university, Kursk state university, Moscow State University, Kyrgyz state university, TAShPI, Omsk state university, Novosibirsk state university. Also systematic work on mobile training is carried out on the faculty. For example, professor of Novosibirsk university Aktershin S.P. teaches to 1 course students of Physics-mathematics department on the subject "Modelling in Physical Processes" each academic year.

7. The management of the faculty of natural sciences gained independence to make changes to the curriculum, to discuss and approve subjects, to organize and carry out research works, to attract experts with scientific degree for work, to organize educational process in a new way.