History   of Pedagogical-Humanitarian Faculty

        The Pedagogical-Humanitarian Faculty was founded in 2017 on August 31 by the decision of the Scientific Council of the South – Kazakhstan State pedagogical Institute. The faculty trains the bachelors of education on following specialties: 5V010100-Preschool training and education, 5V010200-Pedagogics and methods of primary education, 5V010300-Pedagogy and Psychology, 5V010500-Defectology, 5V011400-History, 5V012300-Social pedagogy and Self-knowledge, 5V011400-History-Religious Studies. There are four departments on Pedagogical-Humanitarian Faculty consists of four departments: 1) Methodology of primary education; 2) Preschool education and defectology; 3) Рedagogy and Psychology; 4) History of Kazakhstan and social disciplines.

        The history of the faculty begins in 1937. The name of the faculty was changed over many years according on the structural changes: History and Philology; History; History and Law; History and Pedagogy; History and professional Education; Pedagogy and Psychology; Primary Education; Primary education and Pedagogy. The History faculty was headed by           R.Barlybayev, Ph.D., Associate Professor A.I. Ibrayev, Candidate of History, Associate Professor K. Iztleyov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor S. Zholdasov, Associate Professor S. Abubakirov. The first woman-dean in the history of the University was Ph.D., Associate Professor B. Issabek. In 1960 the department of Methodology of primary education was a part of the faculty of History and Philology. In 1974-1975 academic year, the department of Pedagogy and methods of primary education was reorganized into the faculty. Deans of the faculty were Ph.D., Associate Professor V. I. Beloglazov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor K. Syzdykov, Ph.D., Associate Professor O. Zhumashev, Ph.D., Professor L. Smanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sh. Arzimbetova. Currently, the dean of the faculty is Ph.D. E.B. Orazbayeva.

         The history of the department of the History of Kazakhstan and social disciplines develops together with the history of the university.  It trains bachelors on specialties: 5B011400-History and 5B01300- History-Religious Studies. In  2017, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan gived a license for the training of masters of pedagogical sciences, specializing in 6M011400-History.

        In 1992 the department of the History of the USSR was reorganized into the department of History of Kazakhstan. Heads of the department in different periods of time were: the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor S.Abubakirov during 1996-1998; Ph.D. Bekmanova D. M. 1998-1999; in the  1999-2001 Ph.D. B. Altayev; Doctor of History S. Dzholdassov 2001-2002; Ph.D., Associate Professor B.K. Issabek 2002-2003; Ph.D., Associate Professor S.S. Abubakirov 2003-2004; Ph.D. Zh.E. Muldakhmetova 2004-2006, Ph.D., Associate Professor F.Қ. Maimakov 2006-2007; Ғ.A. Marina 2007-2009; Ph.D. D.K. Kumissbekova 2009-2013.

        From 1965 to 1974 the department of General History was headed by Associate Professor A. Aldabergenov; 1974-1986 by Associate Professor K. Saduakasova; 1986-1991 by Associate Professor R. Beknazarov; 1991-1995 by Associate Professor S.Zholdasov; 1995-1998 by Associate Professor M. Auanasov; 1998-2002 by Associate Professor K.Iztleuov; 2002-2010 by Associate Professor G.D. Sugirbaeva. Duving it years highly qualified specialists worked at the department in those years: A.Auelbayev, B.Aidossov, L.Drezes, M.Ermekov, A.Ibrayev, I. Vakhtel and others.

        Since 2016-2017 academic year, the department was united  «the history of Kazakhstan and social disciplines». Since 2017-2018 academic year, the department of history of Kazakhstan and social disciplines was included in the part of the Pedagogical and Humanitarian faculty.

        The department of History of Kazakhstan and Social Disciplines is headed by Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor G.M. Syzdykovа.

        Since 1960th the faculty trains the specialists and teachers by the specialty 5B010200-Pedagogics and Methods of primary education. According to structural changes in the institute history in different years, the department which trains specialists was a part of faculties of History and pedagogics; Pedagogics and psychology.

         In 1960 the Department of the Pedagogics of Primary School was founded. The famous scientist of Kazakhstan A.Bektenov was the head of the department, then the Department was headed by scientists: candidate of phil.sci., associate professor E.Agmanov; by d.ph.sci. professor K.Syzdykov; by Cand.Phil.Sci., associate professor O. Zhumashev; by U.Zharhynbekov;by cand.ped.sci. associate professor E.Baydybekova.

        In 2012-2013  the Department of the Methods of Primary Education was reconstructed again and headed by cand.ped.sci., docent  E.I. Baydybekova; in 2014-2015 by cand.ped.sci., docent Zh. Arzymbetova; by Cand.Phil.Sci. A. Mamyt; by Cand.Phil.Sci., senior teacher E.B.Orazbayeva; by cand.ped.sci. senior teacher A.B.Ibashova. Currently it is headed by cand.ped.sci., senior teacher G.B.Tautayeva.

        The Department of Preschool Education and Defectology as a separate Department was created in 2015 on the 5th of May by the decision of an emergency meeting of Scientific Council, on the basis of № 4-329 Order of the Rector of SKSPI.  Department is managet by  cand.phil.sci., docent Zh. A.Masaliyeva.    

        The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology as a separate subdivision of the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute was organized in 1937. For the last period the department was headed by Candidates of Sciences B.Nurlybekov, J.Makhashev, J. Iskakov, U.Zharkinbekov, K.Karazhigitova, I.Smanov, S.Tleuova, A.Rysbekova. At present, the department is headed by the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, docent Sh.Zh.Arzimbetova.

         The Department of Pedagogics and Psychology trains highly educated and qualified, scientifically trained personnel in the fields of Pedagogy, Ethno-pedagogy, Psychology and human development and self-knowledge.

         Students of the faculty are taught by professors and teachers who possess the sign "Y.Altynsarin", Ph.D., Professor L.S.Smanov; Ph.D., associate professor K.N. Karazhigitova; Ph.D., Associate Professor Sh.Zh.Arzimbetova; senior teacher Zh.B.Balazhanova; "Honorary Worker of Education " RK Ph.D., Associate Professor EI Baydybekova; Ph.D., Associate Professor S.S.Abubakirov; Senior lecturer G.A.Marina, holders of the medal "Excellent in Education", Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Zh.A.Massalieva; holders of the "Best Teacher" grant, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.K. Issabek; Cand. .n. A.B. Essimova; Ph.D., Associate Professor Yu.I. Shpilkin; Ph.D., Associate Professor G.S.Sugirbayeva; Ph.D. K.N. Darkulov and others.

        At the Faculty there are  scientific 6 Doctors, 41 candidates, 16 senior teachers, 27 masters, 2 teachers. 

        Today the structure of educational activity of Departments of the Faculty is carried out according to Contents of mandatory State educational Standard and Requirements of the state official control. In the conditions of developed material-technological base, corresponding to the principles of state social policy. Offices and audiences are equipped with modern technologies (computers, interactive boards, etc.). The faculty gives all opportunities for getting professional knowledge, quality education, for formation of conscious, developed, cultural identity.

The mission of the university is training of educated, professional teachers releavant the requirements of modern society. Educational program of the specialties of the faculty 5B010100-Preschool education and upbringing, 5B010200-Pedagogy and methods of primary education, 5B010300-Pedagogy and Psychology, 5B010500-Defectology, 5B011400-History, 5B012300-Social pedagogy and self-knowledge, 5B013000-History-Religious Studies ave  relevant the requirements and tasks of the mission of the University.

5V010100-Preschool education. The bachelor of this specialty has opportunity to perform the following types of professional activity:

- preschool organizations;

- small and developing centers;

- family kindergartens, school kindergartens;

-teachers training colleges, department of Educational administration, institutes of professional developments, establishments directly connected with the specialty.

5V010200-Pedagogics and methods of primary education. The bachelor of this specialty has opportunity to perform the following types of professional activity:

- elementaru classes of general educational schools;

- teachers training colleges, department of Educational administration, institutes of professional development and retraining of pedagogical staff', the establishments directly connected with the speciality.

5V010300-Pedagogy and Psychology by professional activity Bachelor's degree:

-preschool educational establishments of all types;

-secondary schools: lyceums, gymnasiums, sanatorium schools, sports schools, children's homes, special remedial schools (classes and boarding schools for children and adolescents with mental and physical disabilities);

-the organizations of primary education (high schools);

-organizations of secondary professional vogational education (colleges).

        5V010500-Defectology. The bachelor of this specialty has opportunity to perform the following types of professional activity:

-specialized schools, auxiliary schools, correctional kindergartens, the improving centers, speech therapy establishments. During the training of specialists of defectology, students get knowledge in all areas of psychology.

         5V011400-History is specialized in professional activities in the field of education.

Forms of professional activities of the graduates:

-basic and profile schools;

-specialized schools;

-technical and professional educational organizations.

          5V012300-Social pedagogy and self-knowledge. The graduates of this specialty can perform the following professional activities:

Social-pedagogical – a part of the social provision of local population: people with disabilities, repatriates families, humanitarian and social support to families with low social status, help to create conditions for their effective full life.

Educational and up-bringing work – socialization and personal development of children, adolescents and young people; organization of processes of training and upbringing; Management of the pedagogical process.

Оrganizational – the organization of training centers and social service agencies, the study of social work practice, summarize, disseminate; organize reviews with the legal community and other legal acts.

           5V013000-History-Religious Studies graduates can perform professional activities in the following areas:

- as  the  part of expert commissions and as independent experts of state, confessional and public organizations, mass media.

-workers of the bodies of the Committee of National Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, state departments; external and internal politics; the Committee for Religious Affairs;

- in scientific-research works in the field of history and theory of religion, religious and philosophical problems of modern civilization;

-in state and non-public secondary institutions as teachers.