History of department

Manager by a department: candidate of philological sciences,

associate professor Masalieva Zhanar Amalbaevna

The department of preschool education and defectologywas created on May, 5, 2015  by the decision of Scientificadvice and on the basis of order  № 4-329 chancellor   pedagogical institute.A department prepares bachelors on speciality: 5В010100 the  Preschool educating and education, 5В010500- defectology.

On a department 7 work candidate of sciences, 3 seniorteachers, 5 degree-teacher. Scientific potential-45%.

Presently the structure of department comes true inaccordance with general maintenance of standard,requirement of state control, with principles of social politicswith developed  materially by a technical base.A department is equipped by the special cabinets andaudiences for realization of lecture, practical employments.Cabinets are equipped by a modern equipment (computers,interactive boards).

        Preparation and in plant training of faculty advisors mainlycome true through short-term courses and scientificinternships in the anchorwomen of university of Kazakhstan.

Department  tend work on adjusting of internationalconnections with countries and  near and distant foreignnessand near and distant foreignness (Poland, Latvia, Russia,Turkey et al).

A department is preschool education and defectology.

Department conduct preparation on next specialities:


010100 –«Preschool educating and education»

010500 - «Defectology»

010100 –«Preschool educating and education»

1.The 5В010100 Preschool educating and educationcomes forward the sphere of   professional activity of bachelorof speciality educatoreducational activity in preschool organization.

2.The objects of professional activity of bachelor of specialitythe 5В010100Preschool educating and education aredifferent kinds and types of preschool organizations,pedagogical colleges, management departments byeducation, institutes of in plant training  and retraining  ofshots  of the  system  of education.   

3. Bachelors on speciality the 5В010100-Preschool educating  and education  can execute the  next types ofprofessional activity : educational (pedagogical) iseducation, educating, development and forming ofpersonality of preschool child; management by thepedagogical process of preschool organization; diagnostics,correction, prognostication of results of pedagogical activity;study, generalization, distribution of front-rank innovativeexperience in the field of preschool education.

5В010500 - «Defectology»

1.Sphere of professional activity of bachelor of speciality of"5В010500 -Defectology " comes  forward  correction isan educational educator process in the special educationalschool and preschool organizations of formation (for childrenwith intellectual violations, violations of rumor sight, speech,locomotorium, time-lagged psychical development) of andother.

2.By the objects of professional activity of bachelor of special "5В010500 is Defectology "  there are statestructures; private general, special preschool and schoolorganizations of education; rehabilitation centers; cabinets ofcorrection;

3.Bachelors on speciality "5В010500 is Defectology" canexecute the next types of professional activity :

  • organizationally  technological (selection and realization ofmethodologies of educating and education of children withthe different types of violations in development),
  • leader of preschool and school organizations of education);scientifically  research (research of features of process ofeducating, education

Address: Shymkent, Baitursynova, 63,cabinet № 207