Scientific events

Scientific events

In 2013-2014 academic year the Institute held 4 InterRepublic, 2 Republic and 1 students scientific  conferences, 6 seminars.

Scientific conferences:

1. InterRepublic scientific-practical conference “Bektayev reading  -1: Computerization - The Future of Social Development” (5-6 February, 2014);

2. Republic Scientific and Practical conference “The concept of Integration of Education, Science and Industry” (1 March, 2014);

3. Republic Scientific and Practical conference “Teacher is a basis of a competitive society”,  Eternal country “Eternal future generation” (14-15 March, 2014);

4. InterRepublic Scientific and Practical conference dedicated to the 115th  anniversary of K.I.Satbaev  “The first academician of Alash” (11-12 April, 2014);

5. III Scientific and Practical conference of young scientists and students “Strategy of Kazakhstan – 2050”: science, education, innovation and scientific and creative pursuits of young people,  (12-17 April, 2014);

6. InterRepublic Scientific Practical conference “Baytanayev readings -2: Future development of scientific fields and ways of implementation of innovative methods in education" (28 May, 2014);

7. Strategy of “Kazakhstan – 2050” - the basis of the concept of a professional teacher training in the higher institutions (14-15 November, 2014.).

Research Seminars:

1. Scientific-methodical seminar on directions and requirements for research projects on grant funding;

2. Organization of the Master-class “The innovative trends in foreign language teaching”;

3. Scientific-methodical seminar on the requirements publishing articles in journals  with impact factor;

 4. Training seminar for 3rd year students of the Humanities “Using the methods applied in the humanities’;

5. Training seminar “Formation of innovative competence of the teacher of the new formation” by the regional scientific-practical seminar of SKSPI, South Kazakhstan branch of the Republic Centre of Excellence “Orleu”,  Secondary school №72;

6. Scientific seminar on new requirements for research projects on grant funding.