Scientific events

Scientific events

Joint scientific seminars, conferences, and round tables are held on the basis of domestic treaties with the aim of enhancing research projects.

The president of the “future orientation”: the spiritual revival of the program for the 2018 calendar year at the university, to mark the anniversary of article 5 international, 3 republican scientific conferences, the results of scientific collections are published.

International conferences

“National institutions of identity and pedagogical education in the development of standardized methods of Bektayev readings - 3” of the international scientific-practical conference (January 26, 2018year).

International Conference "10 Steps to the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Opportunities for Enriching Human Capital" (April 20-21, 2018).

International scientific and practical conference "Baytanayevsky readings - 6" (May 18, 2018) "Development and formation of the future openness of the future teacher in pedagogical universities."

International Scientific and Practical Conference "Art and Education in the Modern Political and Cultural Space" (November 7, 2018)

Republican conferences

Republican scientific-practical conference "Professional activities of school teachers in the formation of education," dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of Omar Bazarkul Kaltayzyz (February 28, 2018).

Traditional Republican VII Scientific Practical Conference "Information Society and Youth" (April 9-10, 2018).

Republican scientific-practical conference "Literary heritage - a source of spiritual renewal," dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Nariman Jumashuly Nurpeisov (June 23, 2018).

In 2013-2014 academic year the Institute held 4 InterRepublic, 2 Republic and 1 students scientific  conferences, 6 seminars.

Scientific conferences:

1. InterRepublic scientific-practical conference “Bektayev reading  -1: Computerization - The Future of Social Development” (5-6 February, 2014);

2. Republic Scientific and Practical conference “The concept of Integration of Education, Science and Industry” (1 March, 2014);

3. Republic Scientific and Practical conference “Teacher is a basis of a competitive society”,  Eternal country “Eternal future generation” (14-15 March, 2014);

4. InterRepublic Scientific and Practical conference dedicated to the 115th  anniversary of K.I.Satbaev  “The first academician of Alash” (11-12 April, 2014);

5. III Scientific and Practical conference of young scientists and students “Strategy of Kazakhstan – 2050”: science, education, innovation and scientific and creative pursuits of young people,  (12-17 April, 2014);

6. InterRepublic Scientific Practical conference “Baytanayev readings -2: Future development of scientific fields and ways of implementation of innovative methods in education" (28 May, 2014);

7. Strategy of “Kazakhstan – 2050” - the basis of the concept of a professional teacher training in the higher institutions (14-15 November, 2014.).

Research Seminars:

1. Scientific-methodical seminar on directions and requirements for research projects on grant funding;

2. Organization of the Master-class “The innovative trends in foreign language teaching”;

3. Scientific-methodical seminar on the requirements publishing articles in journals  with impact factor;

 4. Training seminar for 3rd year students of the Humanities “Using the methods applied in the humanities’;

5. Training seminar “Formation of innovative competence of the teacher of the new formation” by the regional scientific-practical seminar of SKSPI, South Kazakhstan branch of the Republic Centre of Excellence “Orleu”,  Secondary school №72;

6. Scientific seminar on new requirements for research projects on grant funding.