Ayashev Onalbay Ayashevich,

Rector, Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor

Ayashev Onalbay was born in 1950, Kazakh by nationality, doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor. He graduated from the Kaplanbek Veterinary College, Shymkent State Pedagogical Institute, Shymkent Kazakh-Turkish University named after K. Yasawi by specialty of Pedagogies.

Ayashev O. started his career in 1965 as a senior Pioneer leader at B.Mailin school. After graduating from Shymkent Pedagogical Institute (SPI) he worked as a lecturer, a senior lecturer at the Department of theory and methodology of training, then appointed as trade union chairman.

In 1980 he entered the post graduate school at the V.I. Lenin  Moscow Pedagogical Institute, and in 1983 he defended his candidate thesis. After it Onalbay Ayashevich worked as a senior lecturer, head of the department, dean of the faculty in Shymkent Pedagogical Institute. In 1989 he entered the doctoral of the Scientific Research Institute of Education in Moscow. Postdoctoral he worked as a professor at the department of pedagogy and methodology of initial study at Shymkent M.Auezov Pedagogical Institute, then as a dean of the faculty of pedagogy and methodology of initial study, later as a vice-rector for academic and educational work at this Institute.

In 1994 Ayashev O. was appointed as a Deputy of Vice President K. Yasawi Kazakh-Turkish University, then as a Director of M.Auezov Kazakh-Turkish University. In 1996 he was appointed as the rector of the Higher College "Syrdarya" of  H.A.Yasavi Kazakh-Turkish University, director of the training center at Zhetysay H.A.Yasavi Kazakh-Turkish University, and in 1998 he became a  President of the non-state university "Syrdarya".

In 2004 he was elected to the Majilis deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where he worked as a secretary of Committee on Social and Cultural Development.

O. Ayashev as Majilis deputy took the initiative and became one of the authors to adopt a law "On the development of the cotton sector," which for years waiting for the population Maktaaral area of South Kazakhstan. The law has affected decrease the price of one hectare of irrigated fields with 204 thousand to 131 thousand tenge.

Deputy Ayashev O. made a valuable additions and changes to the Basic Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which helped to improve the socio-economic condition of the people, he was directly involved in the problems of compatriots returning home.

Majilisman Ayashev O. continuously raised issues related to the fight against AIDS, bringing the Government of Kazakhstan has allocated 6.5 billion tenge in the South Kazakhstan regional blood center.

Deputy Ayashev O. has been active in the allocation of Republican budget 2 billion 300 million tenge to complete construction of Maktaaral hospital. Currently the hospital with 240 beds accepts more than 500 patients in one shift.

Social and charity fund "Nur El", founded by O. Ayashev from 2007 has constantly allocates money for the poor people of the South Kazakhstan region. In August 30, 2007 to the Constitution Day of Kazakhstan he held a fund share and has allocated 56 000 tenge 130 families with low income, labor veterans, invalids, 47 full orphans to buy clothes and food, and residents who have suffered from natural disasters, for housing repair.

Fund "Nur El" on September 1, 2008 held a rally "Youth - the future of the country" dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, in which it has been allocated 1.7 million tenge for 67 leading students and 31 orphans students of "Syrdarya" University mostly came from neighboring republic of Uzbekistan.

Central Park for landscaping, irrigation system repair in Zhetysai of social and charity fund "Nur El" in March 2009 allocated 1.8 million tenge. On November 1 of the year, the Day of Older Persons held an action of mercy "Long live our elder brothers", in which 127 families of local veterans received financial aid totaling 837 000 647 tenge.

On 24 – 26 August, 2010 it was held an action "Social support - strengthening the family", in which 146 poor families received financial assistance in the amount of 1.5 million tenge. Also in 2010, "Nur Otan" in behalf of the 15th anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan held a volleyball competition, which was attended by 180 people. At that event the socio-charitable fund "Nur El" allocated 2.7 million tenge.

Fund "Nur El" participates in all activities undertaken by the regional and district administrations and other public organizations. For active public and social activity the area residents expressed great gratitude to Ayashev Onalbay Ayashevich.

Ayashev Onalbayev made a great contribution to the development and prosperity of the South Kazakhstan region. He is supporting the policy of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, often meets with residents of the region, with students and teachers of the Institute, which explains the laws of the Republic and the activities of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Professor O. Ayashev was awarded by medals of "Kazakhstan Republic independence  is 10 years", " Kazakhstan Constitution is 10 years", "Kazakhstan Parlamentіne 10 years".

Ayashev O. at the proper level has regulations relating to the educational process, taking an active part in the development of regulations.

Ayashev O. is a highly qualified and competent professional, perspective organizer of educational, methodical, scientific and educational activities in the field of higher education.

In 2003 Ayashev O. was awarded the title of "Best scientist of the South Kazakhstan region", he has published more than two hundred scientific papers, published 7 books, 17 teaching aids. On an international scale "orientation of the future teachers for vocational training" O. Ayashev recognized by the international community as a leading scientist. In addition, Professor O. Ayashev is a member of many international scientific organizations. He made a great contribution in the field of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.