Scientific work of students (SWS)

Scientific  work of students (SWS)

The main purpose of the organization and development of the research work is to improve the students’ level of scientific training of higher professional education, the selection of talented students to continue further studies, the completion of a higher education Institution teaching and academic experts on the basis of scientific advances, political thinking and cultural development.

The Institute has 22 students’ scientific circles, 3 students research workshops, 1 research laboratory. The students learn skills of the experiment, the processing of the results, laboratory structures and technical equipment training, design and preparation of scientific papers.

For attendance at the annual contest of students’ research works there were sent: in 2013-2014 academic year 100 scientific projects; in 2014-2015 - 130.

Students of the Institute are involved in research projects within the grant funding as respondents who volunteer handlers statistics, information data. Namely, the 450 students of the Institute were involved as respondents in the survey associative practices within the grant project “Intercultural Communication: mental-labeled concept of Kazakh culture, social identity and tolerance” under the leadership of Doctor of Philology, Professor Dmitryuk N.V. (MES RK) made by the state order in the period of 2012-2014 years.

Student of the group 113-11 Egemberdiyeva A., and the student of the group 113-10 Pirnazar A., ​​A. Sugurova (supervisor Candidate of Chemistry, Docent Sartayeva H.M. (MES RK) for statistical and information processing of the experimental materials participated in the research project entitled “Investigation of the effect of uranium mining enterprises on the environment” made by the state order in the period 2012-2014 years.