Utebayev Musiraly Smailovich

Utebayev, Musiraly Smailovich

(Head of the financial monitoring Committee of Kazakhstan)

Musiraly Smailovich Utebaev was born on January 1, 1950.

He is married and has five children.

He served in the Soviet Army.

Higher education-economic.

He graduated from the graduate school of The research Institute for the design of computer centers and economic information systems of the CSO of the USSR.

After graduating from the Academy of national economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, he defended his doctoral thesis.


Temirova Zhannat Zhambulovna


1 . Name: Temirova Zhannat Zhambulovna

2 . Education: 1995. Kazakh chemical institute of technology in the specialty: "Economy and management in branches of a chemical and forest complex", with qualification assignment the engineer - the economist, postgraduate studies 2000-2001. M. O. Auezov SKSU, candidate of economic Sciences 2004, associate Professor 2012.

3 . Academic experience: YuKGU of M. Auezov, ICGS them...A. Yassaui, UCHPU


Tazhekova Akmaral Dzhaksybekovna

1 Name Tazhekova Akmaral Dzhaksybekovna

2 Education: the highest – the Kazakh state national university of al-Farabi (1996), specialty the engineer-meteorologist; the candidate of geographical sciences (2010) – specialty 25.00.36 – geoecology; senior teacher of chair (2010); the taught disciplines: the general physical geography, meteorology and climatology, the general hydrology, geoecology and conservation, a landscape science and physiographic division into districts, operating time in this higher education institution – 4 years.


Nalmishova Kyzbibi

  1. 1. Name Nalmishova Kyzbibi

    2. Education: 1985. Kazakh State University, Disciplines - Economic Geography

    3. Academic experience:SKSPI full employment

    4. The non-academic experience: since 2011 a member of Ed. board of the journal "Bulletin" Republican behalf of the school of geography

    5. Certificates or professional registration: 1996. Member Respublikaskoy behalf of the school Geography

    6. Membership in professional organizations: no


Nalibayev Kerimkul Kurbanalievich

1 Name Nalibayev Kerimkul Kurbanalievich

2 Education: - Tashkent State University named after V.I.  Lenin (1985), specialty geographer, lecturer, Tashkent State University named after V.I. Lenin specialty historian and teacher (1993); PhD (2010) - a specialty 13.00.01- General pedagogy, pedagogy, history of knowledge, ethnography; a senior lecturer (2010).; Disciplines: General geology, cartography with the basics of geodesy, toponymy, the work in this university - 4 years


Issatayeva Gulzhan Bogenbayevna

  1. Surname, name, patronymic.:  Issatayeva Gulzhan Bogenbayevna
  2. Education:   Candidate economy science,  learning disciplines -  main  of economical  theory,  Labor  of Economy market, Accounting and audit  and  other subjects. 
  3. Academically  work experiences:  South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute – full time.
  4. Non academically  work experiences:  

Kozhabekova Zahida Ersultanovna

  1. 1 Name Kozhabekova Zahida Ersultanovna

    2 Education: - KazPI them. Abay (1979), a teacher of geography and biology; PhD in Geography (2010) - a specialty 25.00.24 - Economic, social and political geography; Disciplines: "Physical Geography of Kazakhstan", "Geography SKO", "Biogeography", "General geomorphology" ICGS them. KA Yassaui - 12 years in the high school - 2 years "Physical Geography of Kazakhstan", "Geography SKO", "Biogeography", "Physical geography of continents and oceans"

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