National rating revealed the best         



The results of the national rating of the demand for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2018 have been summed up. Ranking research allows you to determine the level of competitiveness. They are conducted according to five criteria. It is gratifying that the SkSPU has taken leading positions in many positions.

According to experts, the national rating allows to get a detailed idea of ​​the potential of higher education institutions, and also contributes to increasing the prestige and recognition of the educational institution.



National rating of Kazakhstan universities – 2018


The national rating of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan - 2018 "took the sixth place in the rating of institutional (main) universities of the educational programs of the educational program SKSPY took the 6th place

The first three included the following specialties, which received prizes in the educational programs of higher educational institutions in terms of level and training of specialists:




16th of October was held the seminar under the theme "MODERN EDUCATION PROGRAM" organized by the Department of Education. In the seminar participated teachers of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics Altayev Nursultan Kayratovich and a foreign teacher Tomass Weyms, teaching staff of faculties Physics and Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Pedagogy- humanitarian while teach subject in English language in three-dimensional and English groups



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