South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute - the first educational institution in southern Kazakhstan , which began to prepare teachers. South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute (SKSPI) was established in 1937. It was - Shymkent Teachers Institute, named after Nadezhda Krupskaya, who was the first in the history of the development of our region which has become the source of formation of modern intellectuals. At first the tuition period was only two years. The institution was organized according to the resolution of the Peoples’ Commissars Counsil, No 203, dated March, 19, 1937. In 1954 it was reorganized into Shymkent Pedagogical Institute (ShPI) named after N.K. Krupskaya.
      By resolution of Kazakhstan Republic Government in 1993 SHPI was reformed  as Shymkent affiliation of the newly opened International Kazakh-Turkish University ( IKTU) named after H.A. Yasaui established in Turkestan. Kazakhstan Republic Cabinet of Ministers, taking into account the need for the teachers training institution in the south of Kazakhstan, aiming the pedagogical personnel training, by its decision number 722 , dated  June 28, 2011 reorganized Shymkent affiliation of IKTU into South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute    (SKSPI) .
We cannot overestimate the contribution to the establishment of the institute performed by its founder and first manager  Semen Germanovich Sheynesson - in tsarist times, for political reasons, he emigrated to Switzerland, graduated from the University of Bern, passed his doctorate degree in physics and mathematics.
We can mention the great contribution to the development of the institute made by the first heads of departments of pedagogy and psychology A.N. Tkachev, History – A.I. Borisov, Kazakh language and literature – A.E. Ermekov, Philosophy – A.E. Tumanov, Professor A.B. Sieber and other teachers.
        Specialists from Moscow, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, the Ukraine, Belarus and other cities and regions were invited to improve the level of research and pedagogical personnel potential of the Institute.
         Such scholars as academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (Kazakh SSR) M.O. Auezov, M.K. Karatayev, corresponding members of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (APS ) Union Soviet Socialist Republics ( USSR) P.R. Atutov , N.M. Shahman , N.B. Polyakov, corresponding members of the Kazakh SSR G.M. Musabayev, K.A. Akhanov, PhD (Philology), Professor B.K. Kenzhebayev, R.B. Berdibayev, PhD (Physics and Mathematics), MSU professor V.G. Demin and others had provided great help in the preparation of highly qualified professionals, in improving the educational process of the Institute.
Within 76 years the Institute has contributed greatly to the education and training of the younger generation of the country. Over thousands of graduates of our institute became honored teachers of the Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union and Kazakhstan honored educators.
1948y graduate of the Institute Marzhan Tassovna Tassova many years had headed the boarding school № 12 in Shymkent, in 1978 she was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Our school can boast  such alumni as Hero of the Soviet Union, the director of the secondary school of Aris B.O. Ontayev, Hero of Socialist Labor, member of the All-Union Committee of World War II veterans B.S. Sergazin, famous scientist, academician of NAS RK M.H. Asylbekov, professor, PhD (Philology), academician of the Academy of Social Sciences of Kazakhstan, State Prize of Abai, abailogist M.M. Myrzahmetov, director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Committee Science of RK, A.D. Derbisaliyev, PhDs (Pedagogy) M.K. Kudaykulov, (Philology) – T.S. Sayrambayev, worldwide famous poet, social activist M. Sh. Shakhanov, PhD (Economics) M.O. Otebayev, poets and writers J.S. Saparbayev, N.B. Begaliyev, M.K. Kanaz, H. E. Esenkarayeva, J.B. Boranbayev, A.K. Kalmyrzayev, A. A. Aimak, A.I. Iskak, A.L. Leubayeva, M.E. Esenzhanova and others.
Shymkent Pedagogical Institute - one of the foremost universities in the country, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In the 1977 - 1978 academic year, it won the third place in the socialist competition among all - union 220 pedagogical institutes of the Soviet Union. Rector of the Institute Myrzahan Sarsenbayevich Sarsenbayev was a highly qualified specialist, demanding, fair, respectful; he treated the team with great confidence, he worked very hard. Traditions of M.S. Sarsenbayev were worthily continued by his successor, correspondent member of Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, PhD (Technics), Professor Ashim Kuranbayevich Omarov.
Currently,  we multiply the contributions of the ex-rectors:  material and technical base of the Institute has been strengthen.  Center of academic mobility and scientific cooperation was opened in January 2012; faculty tookspecial courses at Nazarbayev University, training will continue in the coming years. Courses are held by  special programs designed by the center of pedagogical skills together with KR "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" and analysts at Cambridge University.
In August 2012 the Institute held literary and musical composition with the participation of the writers -  Chairman of JSC "Republican newspaper" Yegemen Kazakhstan " S.A.  Abdrakhmanova, A.K. Kekilbayeva, poetess F.O. Ongarsynova, and  also S.O. Orazbayeva and S. Kaskabasova.
The Institute continues the good tradition of patriotic education of youth. Students and faculty using multimedia, were listening to the lecture "Kazakhstan on the way of education", held by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. On June 10, 2012 the University held a round table under the title      " Independence is supported by educated generation", in which teachers and students exchanged their ideas, each students’ group discussed the article of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps to Universal Society of  Labor".
In October 2012, International research - practical conference "Formation of competitive personality based on multilingual education" was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. The conference and festivities were attended by university presidents, teachers, veterans and Institute's graduates of different  generations - poets and writers, statesmen and public figures, MPs, teachers and staff from various departments, teachers and students of all faculties.
In 2012 – 2013 yy.  a number of  Institute-wide events took place: - regional forum "State symbols - signs of sovereignty" together with the Office for Youth of South Kazakhstan Regional Administration in the framework of"The future starts today" activity, - a round table event "New political course – a direction to the sustainable development", dedicated to the discussion of the Message of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev" Strategy - 2050 "A new policy of the developed state".  There were other meaningful events –meetings with the deputies of the Mazhilis  Sh. Myrzakhmetova,  R. Halmuradov, and Z. Sayapova,     - four times world chess champion, gross master  Abdimalik Zhansaya Daniyarkyzy. - Aymeri de Montesquiou, Senator of Gers Department (France). Meeting with famous chess master was highly discussed in mass media and it was accompanied by a master class. Zhansaya Abdimalik grandmaster chess club was opened in the institute.
Great contribution to the education and training of students made ​​PhD (Philology), Professor Abish Baytanayevich Baytanayev, a researcher of the epic novel, written by M.O.Auezov "Abai's Way," author of "History of this skill" ("Shyn sheberlіk"), "Ways of Abai’s Poetics by M.O. Auezov "("Abai Joly "Ayshuaktary"). In commemoration of A.B. Baytanayev 100th anniversary the Institute held an International scientific-practical conference "Baytanayev’s readings - 1: Actual problems of integration process of training teachers in the international space education", which was attended by students, fellow scientists, amateur philologists.  100-year-old Baytanayev’s wife Myrzay Altynbekova and a scientist, Cand. Sci., associate professor, scholar S. Erubayev expressed their gratitude to the participants of the symposium, Dedicated to the anniversary of A. Baytanayev two volumes of his collected works were published, as well as the reminiscences about him and his wife; an exhibition of books, a film about his career were arranged.
On June 15, 2013 faculty and students met with the graduate institute Derbisaly A., Ph.D., Professor, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.B. Suleimenov MES  RK, SC.
According to the program of academic mobility and international cooperation 8 students of the 2nd  and 3rd years studied a semester in​ ​Baltic International Academy( Latvia). A  lecturer of  English Philology Department L.S. Kanayeva is trained in the Netherlands.
Thus, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute is the flagship in training teachers of Kazakhstan.