About President, about creationы, and about love…


About President, about creationы, and about love…

For the second time South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute hosted the traditional festivities in honor of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The students will memorize the diversity of these events. Student youth took an active part in the Pop song contest, fine arts contest, and sporting events. During this time the students were lucky enough to meet directly with the two well-known personalities whose names are associated with the development of independent Kazakhstan. These are the president of the newspaper "Egemen Kazakhstan" Sauytbek  Abdrakhmanov, and public and political figure Myrzatai Zholdasbekov

Much has been written about Myrzatai Zholdasbekov, of course,. He shared his memories in his books. However, a live conversation with him, feeling his emotions, and receiving his answers to the problems of modern young people - is another matter. On the stage of the assembly hall of the Institute organizers have set two white comfortable chairs. Masters of the meeting ceremony invited the Rector Onalbay Ayashev and Myrzatai Zholdasbekov on the stage. Onalbay Ayashev introduced the guest to the audience and read excerpts from his diaries.

  • As a child Myrzatai grew up in a large family. He differed from his brothers and sisters with his cleanliness. Even being a little boy he did not like to stay for the night at the other families. And when he still had to spend a night away his mother, of course, was to bring along some soap and a towel for him.

Then, already in his adult life this feature has grown into something more. He was neat in his own doings, in his respect to his home country and in his daily thoughts.

Institute students read their poems and Arnau. Myrzatai Zholdasbekov was satisfied with the performing guys. All this produced an impetus to the meeting. The guest did not keep sitting up in a comfortable chair but he stood up and walked to the microphone to speak. This gesture of the old man testified to the great respect for young people who came to meet him.

He started his narration with the story of one of his songs. The song “Totykus” was created in Iran, in the period when Myrzatai Zholdasbekov was an ambassador to that country. He came across with the other people, other customs, very different manners.

It was not easy to settle down and work. Iranians appeared to appreciate parrots. In their minds, this bird brings happiness. So, Myrzatai Zholdasbekov in his house, was holding a cage with these birds, too. In the evenings he and his wife Maryam sat down and played the lute. The tunes sounded homesickness, longing for the children, who were very far away. One day, he noticed that when the dombra melody was sounding the parrots stopped their chirping and started listening. Over time, it became even more interesting. Each of the parrots wanted to sit closer to uncle Myrzatai. They seemed to understand all the heartache that was poured into the melody. Hearing the motives they seemed to fall asleep, and experience his anguish with him. Thus the song "Totyқus" was born, which Meyrambek Bespayev, Makpal Zhunisova and others then began to sing.

With great awe Myrzatai Zholdasbekov told of Nursultan Nazarbayev. He had a chance to teach the future President. Even then, a young teacher realized that a student sitting in front of him was not an ordinary one. Nursultan was very inquisitive. One could feel his irrepressible energy. Uncle Myrzatai also told the audience about the first years of independent Kazakhstan existence. No money, all things fall apart, and the spirit of distrust hovered in the air. There was only one an idea - to make every effort for the prosperity of the country. And it inspired optimism in people. And, of course, the fighting spirit of Nursultan Nazarbayev positively influenced the nation.

Now when all the difficulties are behind one can tell a long story about the first years of independence. But Myrzatai Zholdasbekov believes that it is necessary to remember these facts not to perpetuate the names of individuals, but to give the younger generation a possibility to understand all efforts made and a strive to invest the maximum effort in the prosperity of the country.

Myrzatai Zholdasbekov addressing the students said that he hadn’t studied in such comfortable conditions that they are having nowadays.

  • I myself sometimes wonder, how I managed to learn, to read, and to write and even to continue my studies at the university under those hard conditions, he said. “You are having the powerful material base, free access to the Internet, comfortable Students House, regular meetings with famous interesting people who forged the history of the country - in such conditions not to study well, I think, is a awful sin - said the guest of the meeting.

Myrzatai Zholdasbekov urged the students of the institute always to strive for excellence, to set high goals, slowly but surely to go the right way forward with the proper arrangement and with the right people.

At the end of the meeting the students thanked Myrzatai Zholdasbekov for his sincere and interesting interview and presented him a robe, which they had sewed themselves. By the way, by the decision of the Academic Council of SKSPI Myrzatai Zholdasbekov was awarded the title of professor of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute.

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