Professional practice

Professional practice is a mandatory component of the student's educational work.

In accordance with the specifics of the OP the following types of practices are organized:

- educational;

- pedagogical;

- production;

- pre-graduation.

The purpose of the training practice is the acquisition of primary professional competencies, including consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge gained in the course of training, the formation of the foundations of research, office work and work with business correspondence, the acquisition of practical skills.

Educational practice is organized for all students, is carried out in accordance with the specifics, direction of work, is considered at the meeting of the Department and is reflected in the program of practice.

The purpose of pedagogical practice is to consolidate and deepen knowledge in General scientific, cultural, psychological and pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills, skills and competencies on the basis of theoretical knowledge.

Industrial practice is carried out in institutions, organizations and enterprises corresponding to the profile of training.

Pre-diploma practice is conducted at the final year for students of all specialties who perform graduate work. Management of pre-graduate practice is carried out by the supervisor of the thesis.