History of Pedagogy


The Department of Pedagogy of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University was founded in 1937. The formation of the department went along with the development of the university and the education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Over the years it was ruled by B.Nurlybekov, Z.Makashev, Z.Iskakov, U.Zharkinbekov, K.Karazhigitova, I.Smanov, S.Tleuova, A.Rysbekova. Today, the department is headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, the owner of the medals “Ybyray Altynsarin”, “Ulakatty ustaz”, “Uzdik avtor” Arzymbetova Sholpan Zhaqsylyqqyzy.

Separated from the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology in 2018, it is one of the oldest and most important departments of the pedagogical and humanitarian faculty. For all the time of its existence, the department has prepared highly qualified specialists for the education system. Our graduates work in many regions of the country and abroad.

The Department of Pedagogy for the development of the educational system in Kazakhstan, as well as the main and leading department of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University, which serves the entire contingent of university students, strive to respond to the demands of the modern education system. Our goal is to develop and implement innovations in the education system.

The staff of the department is highly qualified teachers and the best graduates of domestic and foreign universities, owners of the medals

“Y. Altynsarin”, members of PSA of Kazakhstan.

Today, the department is focused on the preparation of spiritual and moral, competitive, professionally competent specialists in areas “5B012300- social pedagogy and self-cognition”.