Educational-methodical department

Berdaliev Dauletbay Turdalievich

  Chief of educational and methodological​ department, candidate of physics-matemathics sciences

Educational-methodical department

Since the first 1937 academic year, at institute was working specialists for educational work, they coordinated educational plan and educational programs in accordance with the educational process for pedagogical specialties and organized a schedule of lessons. For example, Akhmetov Lyayla Salikhovna was an employer of the educational part in 1960. Vakhtel Ivan Ivanovich, Alzhanov Serik Sanievich, Serokko Inda Petrovna, Turtabayev Sarsenbek Koyshibaevich, Ormanov Nurlan Kerimbekovich and Dairbekov Serik Sansyzbaevich were head of the educational department in 1980-2010 years.

SKSPI was created in 2011. That year was created educational-methodical department and were heads candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor Dairbekov Serik Sansyzbaevich, candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor Mamadiyarov Marat Duisenovich in 2012-2014 academic years, Saparbayeva Karlygash Zhylkybaevna in 2014-2016 academic years.

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Berdaliyev Dauletbai Turdaliev has been the head of the educational-methodical department since September 2016.

Educational-methodical department divides in to 4 sectors:

  • Sector planning of educational and methodological works
  • Dispatching sector
  • trilingual education sector
  • Student office

Sector planning of educational and methodological works performs the task of analyzing high-quality specialists in the planning of the learning process, clarifying the results of the educational process and developing normative documents for educational and methodical works.

List of specialities 2017-2018 academic year

List of specialties for 2019-2020 academic year


Dispatching sector creates a schedule of lessons, an audit fund, location of premises, sequence of lessons and integration of groups depending on language of teaching, taking into account the workload, and also checks the learning session in accordance with the approved schedule of the dean's office, readiness of the auditoriums and visit of students.

Lesson timetable for second half term of 2017/2018 academic year (In Kazakh language):

Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Pedagogy and Humanities

Faculty of Professional and Creative

Faculty of Preparatory and Evening Education

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics


Trilingual education sector is constant improvement of the methodology of teaching Kazakh, Russian and English languages with introduction of advanced pedagogical and information technologies, the development of educational and methodological documents in the departments associated with the process of trilingual education. For students of trilingual education and English groups organize seminars, conferences, master-classes for improving kazakh, russian and english languages.

1The number of students in multilingual groups for  2017-2018 academic year

2. Report about activities


a student office designs The student oficce has to enforce internal regulations and the charter of the institution, the receipt of personal documents from students of higher education institutions, training, issuing, translating individual student documents into the institute's archive, registering of student contracts on the basis of educational grants (rural quotas) and translating personal files of students from another university.