Department of Youth Policy

Department of Youth Policy

Head of the Department of Youth Policy

Ainabek Aidana Erkinkyzy

The department of youth policy solves the following tasks:

- propaganda of the youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Support for the rights of young people, protection of their interests;

- education of patriotism;

- propaganda of friendship, brotherhood and unity of peoples;

- health protection;

- Assistance and granting from the institute benefits to students with low social status;

- Orientation of students on the rational use of free time;

- support of talented youth;

- strengthening of communication with state bodies and non-profit youth organizations.

The goal of working with young people is the education of positive and objective views of the youth on the world, their involvement in active participation in the social life of the institute, the city, the region, the republic and abroad. Work among young people is conducted openly, and it is aimed at overcoming social, national, religious, racial, ideological, group disagreements, educating humanism and equality of peoples and faiths, respect for national and universal spiritual and moral values.

Areas of work:

- cognitive: round tables, scientific and practical conferences, subject olympiads, debates;

- cultural and mass: literary and festive evenings, concerts, dance evenings, leisure activities, kvn, events that form a healthy lifestyle, develop feelings of patriotism, promote national and universal values, religious tolerance, meetings with people who have merit to the community.