Division of administrative maintenance

Ayapov Akim Serikbaev 

       The maintenance department is a subdivision of SKSPI. The maintenance department operates according to the structure and staffing within the approved plans for labor and payroll, taking into account the applicable standards.

The maintenance department arranges for economic control of three academic buildings, 2 student houses, a sports hall, open playground "Daulet" and other outbuildings, as well as the progress of the construction of a dormitory for 500 seats on 14 Ilyaeva street.

The main functions of the maintenance department

   Providing maintenance in the buildings of the University, the timely holding of capital and current repairs;

   uninterrupted provision of buildings and structures of the University of electricity, heat, hot and cold water;

   provides the safety of buildings and structures of inventory parts. Maintenance of public buildings;

   in accordance with the budget of the Institute is preparing an application for furniture and household equipment and stationery, robes;

   responsibility for housing in dormitory, welfare and leisure of students, monitoring of compliance in a dormitory rules and regulations of residence;

   provides proper cleanliness and order in all academic buildings and dormitory according to the sanitary requirements;

   the organization improvement and cleanup of the Institute;

   the compliance with the rules and safety standards, safety, industrial hygiene and fire safety;

   the medical room of the Institute provides the first aid;

   In the maintenance department works: Civil Engineer Ramberdiev A.S., Engineer District Heating Beketayev B.B., electrical engineer Rysmambetov J.N., engineer HSE Tursynbayeva K.O., Sugirbaeva B., The passport, commandants buildings Sadybekova K.T., Bayzhigitova N.A., Sarsenbayev N.A., the commandant of the dormitory  Zhumabaeva T.J., medical staff  Sansyzbaeva M.O., Belgibaeva S.A., the head of the warehouse Myrzaeva G.V., operator Serikbaeva F.B.