Dean of the faculty: Nurpeisov Nariman Zhumashevich

Academic degree and title: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Excellence in Academic Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nurpeisov Nariman Zhumashovich entered the Faculty of Philology of Karaganda State University in 1980 and graduated in 1985. He began his career as a teacher at the Saransk Pedagogical College named after Abay, where he worked at this college until 1995. He was awarded the title of honors student of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nariman Zhumashevich, renamed Shymkent since 1995, is a senior lecturer, associate professor, and head of the department since 1996 at the Kazakh Literature Department of the South Kazakhstan State University. M.Auezov.

Since August 2012, he has headed the department of Kazakh and world literature of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. During the 2014-2015 school year, he served as director of the philological school of science, dean of, the philological and historical-philological faculty. From November 2017 - Dean of the "Evening Education and Preparatory" faculty.

N.Nurepeysov is engaged in scientific work since 1990. In 1998 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of philological sciences at the Institute of Literature and Art. M.Auezov.

He has about 300 works published in the press, scientific journals and conference materials. Also E.Ismaylov - a researcher of literary history. Monograph. (1999), The Panic Researcher. Scientific collection. (2002), E.Ismailov and some issues of Kazakh literature. Textbook. (2004), Objectives of Aksu-Akbike. (2006), Mukhtatran. Lecture course. Textbook. (2009), Literature and Critical Issues. Textbook. (2009), National Spirituality - World Civilization. (2010), Actual problems of Kazakh literary criticism. Tutorial (2010), President - Elsquake. Journalistic collection (2011), Abay. Textbook (2013), E.Ismailova and problems of literary criticism. Textbook (2013), Methods of teaching Kazakh literature. Textbook. (2016), published in the name of scientific books.


Deputy Dean

Head of Language Training

Senior Lecturer, Master Kylyshbayev Arman Dikhanovich

Kylyshbayev Arman Dikhanovich In 2002 he graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences. K.A. Yassaui with a degree in Political Science. In 2003 - 2005 He graduated from the specified higher education in the specialty 6M0520200 - "Political Science".

13.07.2002 01.09.2002 KGB "Tau Samaly", teacher

From 09/01/2002 to 09/01/2010 Lecturer at the Department of Political Science ICTU them. K.A. Yassaui

09/01/2010 - 08/31/2011 Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Academic Innovation University

From 09/03/2011 to 09/04/2017 South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. Department "Social Studies", Senior Lecturer

September 4, 2015 South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. Senior Lecturer, Head of Department, Deputy Dean of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences.

In 2013, she completed a refresher course for teachers at NPO Orleu in Almaty.