Turbekova Ulbala Uisbekovna-Chief Accountant


The accounting department operates as a self-structured department of the South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University from 1st of  July  2011.


1. Accounting and reporting of financial activities and household transactions with the International Standard of Financial Accounting;

2. Development of the form of the first document on the basis of standards;

3. Generate full and good information on economics and economics of the university;

4. Controls the quality, development and use of material, labor and financial resources in accordance with the established norms, standards and estimates;

5. Calculation and translation of analogues in the republican and local budgets, and the introduction of analog declarations;

6. The analysis of the financial and economic activity of the university;

7. The information on the basis of the average, the average, the average, the university;

8. Inventory of physical inventory, material stocks and assets;

9. Presetting the interests of the University in the relevant bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, connected with the Accounting Department, Accounting and Financial Controls;


1.Turbekova Ulbala Uisbekovna - the chief accountant, the holder of the certificate "Professional accountant", the award of the title "Well done and good" in the version of the National business rating in 2014 and 2018, and the National certificate of the "Accounting book 2014" in nomination «Specialist of the Year». "

 2. Jangigitova Malika Duisenbekovna - a deputy accountant, a certificate holder "Professional accountant"; Chief Specialist in the State tenders

3. Ainabekova Ademi Abdigapbarovna - a leading economist, a specialist in state tenders;

4. Tazhitayeva Zhanna Seilovna - economist, in 2014 was awarded the national certificate "Specialist of the Year" in version National Business Rating;

5.Abildabek Ulbosyn Pazylbekovna – salary accountant, a certificate of "Professional accountant"; In 2018 was awarded in the version of the National Business Rating `` Specialist of the Year '';

6. Abdiraimova Aknur Abdikalykkyzy – salary  accountant;

7. Bekmurzina Danara Damirovna - accountant of fixed assets and materials;

8. Zhaneshov Bekzat Maslikhatovich - Accountant of tuition fees and scholarships;

9. Shuakbayeva Kanymgul Rakhimovna - accountant of fixed assets and materials;

10. Ongar Raina Maratovna - an accountant of settlements with responsible persons ;

11.Moldagaliyev Bakhytzhan Pernebekovich - specialist in state tenders