Dear colleagues and friends!

Dear colleagues and friends!

I'm glad to meet you on the site of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.

The history of our Institute started in 1937. It was founded as the Teachers’ Institute by Decree of the Council of People's Commissars (CPC) of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (Kazakh SSR). That time the new Teachers’ Institute was one of the leading higher schools in the South Kazakhstan. In July 7, 1954 the Teachers' Institute was reorganized into the N.K. Krupskaya Chimkent Pedagogical Institute by the Decree of the Kazakh SSR Council of Ministers. In September, 1987 it was given the name of the great Kazakh writer Auezov Mukhtar Omarkhanovich.

For many years the Institute has being passed through various transformations.  18 years later, in 2011, the Institute re-acquired the former status. It became the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. The teachers of the Southern Kazakhstan have got the rebirth of the Institute as the care of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in order to increase the authority of Teachers and the whole teaching staff of the Institute. It was as an honorable mission entrusted to Teachers.

The rebirth of the higher education institution has coincided with the beginning of implementation of the State Program of Education Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020. In accordance with the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Program envisages the significant increase of the prestige of the Teacher,  formation of a new formation of teachers, full of contemporary knowledge, able to contribute to the innovative development of our country.

Since independence, the country has undergone the great changes in the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Higher school is completely switched to three tiered model of training, adopted in international practice: Bachelor - Master - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The credit technology of education is implemented as well. The State Program is adopted for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020. The Program is an important document for our country that poses items of entering our country the ranks of the developed states of the world.

Tens of thousands our Institute graduates are currently pride of not only the Institute but the country as well. They are seen not only in the sphere of education, science, sports, art but manifest with the dignity in the political arena of the state.

The main objectives of the revived Institute is improving the quality of education, the implementation of the strategic objectives of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan, the introduction of international best practices in the education system, the formation of fully developed personality, providing the labor market with highly qualified professionals.

We invite you to cooperate with us and we are always glad to see you at our University.

With respect,

Аcting rector of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University Sugirbaeva Gulzhan Dauletbekovna.