Department of Physics

The Department of physics and mathematics was founded in 1938. The first head of Department was a graduate of the University of Bern, Switzerland S. G. Shaneson. In 1938-1945 he was the head of the Department. In 1945 this Department was divided into two departments: the Department of mathematics (head S. G. Sheynesson) and the Department of physics (head 1945-1948 G. V. Goryachko, 1948-1957 I. G. Yudelevich, 1957-1971 A. Aripov).

After the reorganization of the teacher's Institute and its transformation into a pedagogical Institute, I. P. Tsoi was elected head of the Department of mathematics.  In 1956, this Department was divided into two: the Department of simple mathematics (head B. Bektaev) and the Department of higher mathematics. The heads of the Department of higher mathematics were A.G. Tsai, I.P. Tsoi, M. Abenova, L. I. Mamaev and B. K. Kirgizbaev.

In 1970, the Department of geometry and methods of teaching mathematics was organized, which in different years was headed by associate professors A. I. Mostova, M. Abenova, V. M. Ilyasov, K. Abdrakhmanov.

In 1971, the Department of physics was divided into two departments: the Department of theoretical physics and mechanics and the Department of General physics. Head of the Department of theoretical physics and mechanics in 1971-1981 associate Professor P. A. Abdikarimov, in 1981-1983 associate Professor N. N. Karabekov, in 1983-1991-associate Professor U. B. Baitasov, in 1987-1991-associate Professor T. I. gryzunova.  In the years 1972-1982 S. S. Serkebaev, and the years 1981-1992 associate Professor K. Zh. Almatov served as head of the Department of General physics.

In 1991, the departments of Physics, which train specialists in physics, were transformed. The Department of physics and methods of teaching physics and the Department of TSO were organized. The head of the Department of physics was appointed associate Professor A. Agulykov, who worked in this position from 1991 to 1996. Associate Professor A. B. Karimova from 1991 to 1996 worked as the head of the Department of methods of teaching physics and TSO. In 1996 on the basis of Association of these departments the Department of Physics was created. In 1996-2003, the Department of Physics was headed by doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor, academician A. N. Bakhtybayev. From 2003 to 2011 she was the head of the Department associate Professor Ph. D. T. D. Berdalieva.

In 2012, the departments of Mathematics, physics and vocational training were merged, on the basis of which the Department of Physics and mathematics was organized. D. T. Berdaliev, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, was elected head of the Department of physics and mathematics. Since 2016, he has been appointed head of the Educational and methodical Department. Since 2016, she has been appointed doctor of medical Sciences R. I. Kadirbayeva. But in connection with the opening of master's and doctoral studies in the specialties 5B011000-Physics, 5B010900-Mathematics, 5B012600-physics and mathematics, 5B012800-physics and Informatics with 2018-2019 academic year was divided into the Department of "Physics" and "Mathematics". Since 2018, the head of the Department of physics appointed PhD-doctor Ualikhanov Bayan Saparbekovna.

At the Department of physics there are 15 teachers, including 7 candidates of science, 2 PhD-doctors, 2 senior teachers, 4 teachers. The social degree of the Department is 53.3%. He works at the Department widely known in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan associate Professor Ramazanova S. A., Almaty J. To.

The Department closely cooperates with CIS universities: Togliatti University, Kursk State University, Moscow pedagogical University, Kyrgyz state University, Tashpi, Omsk state University, Tomsk state pedagogical University, Novosibirsk state University, Sakarya University.

The Department organizes and conducts research work of students, there are certain achievements. In 2013, under the guidance of the 2nd year students of the specialty" Physics " Rakhmatolla Zeynulla D. Berdaliev and B. Rakhashev, scientific works were prepared, were presented at the exhibition of innovative projects to support the scientific research of young scientists of the South Kazakhstan region and became winners in the field of physics.  He was issued a certificate in the amount of 750000 tenge.

The Department conducts systematic work on mobility.  Professor of Novosibirsk state University Actor Shin S. P. annually conducts lectures for 1st year students of the Department of physics and mathematics on the topic “modeling of physical processes".

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06 December, 2018, 221 auditorium, doctor of Ph. D., Professor Vintaikin Boris Evgenievich (Russian Federation) MSTU. Bauman, conducted a seminar " Using modern mathematical packages for processing experimental data."

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The staff of the physics and mathematics faculty of SKSU, SKSU. M. Auezova, head. Department of physics Saidakhmetov P. A., Professor of Moscow state University. Bauman Vintaykina B. E.

On March 19, 2019, in connection with the 75th anniversary of associate Professor of physics Ramazanova Sara Agzamovna, an international scientific and practical conference "Natural Sciences and the universe"was held.

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Conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of S. Ramazanov

As a result, all scientific work has been published in the international scientific-educational scientific magazine "Science and life of Kazakhstan", which is included in the science citation index (ISC) and the list of editions recommended by Committee for control in education sphere and science MES RK.

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March 20, 2019 at the Department of physics 312 classrooms was named after the famous writer Akim Iskak, who graduated from this University.


The Department is working on the research work of students.   55% of students are engaged in research work.

On April 19-20, 2018 in the X Republican subject Olympiad (Pavlodar) the national team of our Department took the III place, in the personal competition the 3rd year student Zhumadadinov Daniyar took the III place.

Scientists-teachers who have made a significant contribution to the education of students in physics and led this direction

The Department “Physics and mathematics”, 2012

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Associate Professor S. E. Tleuov with students.

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Interesting lecture of the associate Professor of Physics.B. Baitasov

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Associate Professor A. Agalakov in the laboratory

Associate Professor S. A. Ramazanova introduces students to constellations


6V01502 "Preparation of the teacher of physics"

6B01510 Preparation of the teachers of  PHYSICSINFORMATICS