In 2015 - 2016 y. , the practice of the department was organized. Division practice is part of the teaching and management works under the statute SKSPI.

Department Function: assistance to students in an internship. Currently, it works department head and a Methodist.


 Head of practice -. Moldanova Zhazira Eleskhanova 

 Address: Shymkent city, street A.Baitursynov 13 SKSPI. 2 floor office 219                                           

 Phone: 8701-231-08-44














Methodist Department:

Myrzakulova Aygerim Muratbekovna

Address: Shymkent city, street A.Baitursynov 13 SKSPI. 2nd floor 219 cabin

Phone: 8701-361-36-11 













The purpose of the practice:

Securing, deepening the competence of students, test of theoretical knowledge in practice. The training of qualified specialists in their chosen profession.

The objective of practice:

Formation of communicative skills in accordance with the requirements of higher education. The accumulation of experience in the organization of methods of education and training:

- Formation of the person skilled soglsno  new requirements;

- Help form professional skills during the practice of students;

- Help form the research and creative skills.

Base  practices

All practices conducted in accordance with the curriculum specialties at the respective bases. Passage of the practice of students of high schools is an important part of the educational process. The training of specialists with higher education one of the main elements is to secure in practice the theoretical knowledge in their chosen specialty, the ability to use the skills at any time during the learning process, the practice is carried out according to plan purposefully.

Base pratkiki meet the following requirements:

matching specialty, specialization and type of practice;

- According to the state standard to be within the framework of activities provided for professional program;

- For the organization and management of students practice sufficiently to provide them with qualified personnel.

Contracts for an internship with the bases are made before the start of the next school year.

The current socio-economic situation of the country, its entry into the world of cultural and educational protsranstvo, trends in the development of pedagogy and education systems in developed countries, an analysis of the experience of the world of science teaching requires quality teacher training. Today's teacher must quickly adapt to the social and economic changes in the society, to think creatively, to predict the processes of pedagogy, working with students to creatively carry out psychological and pedagogical activity.

Educational practice plays an important role in the training of teachers, which, being an indivisible part of the process of pedagogical high school, provides a theoretical and practical unity of teacher training.

Every year in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute on 1 - 4 courses of 23 majors held continuous pedagogical practice. The practice is aimed at the formation of practical skills of students consolidate theoretical knowledge, mastering advanced pedagogicheskog experience.

Students SKSPI are all kinds of pedagogical practices, provided the pedagogical process of high school. Supervised practice is organized according to the program of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is held within the time stipulated by the curriculum. Passage of educational practices, educational (industrial), provided the state compulsory undergraduate program and is an integral part of the training of students. The practice of scientific research and the collection of practical material to carry out the thesis strengthens the relationship of the university with enterprises and institutions of the region, districts and cities.

Teaching practice is conducted to study the pedagogical activities in educational institutions in their chosen specialty students. It is held at the training base of the Institute, also by appropriate function in organizations, developing analytical and abstract thinking.

Teaching (manufacturing) praktikanapravlena to deepen and consolidate the overall scientific and pedagogical knowledge, including psycho-pedagogical, methodical and special disciplines, as the formation of pedagogicheskihnavykov and skills, competencies.

Pre-diploma practice is to perform the work on the collection of bibliography, practical material, advanced pedagogical experience, summing up of the organization (enterprise, institution) et al., The development of proposals on the basis of personal acquaintance, determine the final version of the theme of his work. The student must demonstrate their skills and abilities, and qualities such as discipline, responsibility organizational skills, ability to make decisions.

The content, purpose and objectives, practices and programs particularly defined graduating departments.

The purpose of the program of professional practice -vozglavlenie process of professional practice of students passing practice in educational institutions.

Practice program should consist of the following components:

- Explanatory note (meaning, the purpose of the practice, competence);

- Practice facilities (by type), a list of organizations, which provides practical training;

- R & D and content;

- Requirements to practice;

- Rights and duties of the student-trainee;

- General and individual tasks, topics for CDS and SRSP studies);

- Conduct of diary of practice;

- The report records the rules and the content of the main part;

- The content of the annexes to the report;

- Compiling the results of the rules of practice;

- Rules of registration of the organization characteristics of student-trainee and its alleged content;

- Criteria for assessing the outcome of the practices and the protection of the reports;

- Bibliography.

The structure of the database of professional practice

Professional practice should meet the curriculum, it is carried out in organizations and institutions of all types of property. The base of professional practice defined by the issuing department. To pass the practice studenttov Department of the organizations long-term contract and approved institutions.

Distribution of students in the practice is carried out after the approval of the contract or after the approval of the agreement on the admission of the student to practice.

Contract for professional practice with the bases (base or individual), home of the practice is approved for 1 month earlier before the start of the school year in the standard form contract. When there is no basic agreement, individual contracts are approved for 1 month earlier before the start of the school year

Once authorized contracts department heads make up a list of practices database. On the basis of the approved agreements (bilateral, trilateral) Department of the place and terms of practice, it kind of, head, indicating the exact number of students passing practice.

Requirements for passing the professional practice of students on an individual plan

- Working students of evening and correspondence forms of training in the provision of the characteristics of employment are exempt from the professional (pedagogical and manufacturing) practices;

- Students of evening and correspondence forms of education, not working in their specialty, are sent on a regular basis to the institutions in their chosen specialty to review and collect material for the project thesis rabotyna professional practice;

- Allow students to pass pedagogical practice on an individual basis, also externship issued graduating department. The basis for this decision is the willingness of the organization in the future to take the student to practice and further employment in the facility it ilineobhodimost trainee in the performance of the experimental part of research based practice;

- Studying in rural quota, the grant agreement with the Akimat and diploma to the village on the basis of the decision issuing department allowed the passage of pedagogical (production), pre-diploma practice at his place of residence;

- Studying in the evening and correspondence courses by the decision of issuing department allowed the passage of pedagogical (production), pre-diploma practice at his place of residence.

Professional practice should be the basis for the formation of the following competencies:

- Determination of specific educational objectives, taking into account the characteristics of the collective;

- A study of the individual student and the student team to further their development and diagnostics;

- Current and future planning educational activities and its implementation;

- Observation and analysis of educational work, conducting research on the psychological and pedagogical disciplines;

- It works with methodical literature, textbooks and programs, collection of creative material, preparation of visual teaching aids;

- Taking into account the physical and mental development of the student, the teacher Election Observation effective ways and means of work;

- Diagnosis of student development level;

- Analysis of the results of its own activities;

- Self-organization of activities in the classroom;

- Stewardship of the Editorial Board of the class (wall newspaper, the creation of a class bracket, stand, etc...);

- Organizing and conducting tours, cultural tours, readers' conferences;

- Organization of preparation of the exhibition of children's art contest for the best performance of the song, expressive reading, making visual sredst etc .;.

- Checking students' diaries;

- Work with underachieving students;

- Planning of the creative work of the team;

- Having regard to the interests of students, the organization of various activities (games, work, artistic creation, a tourist regional studies);

- Communication with students, individual groups of children;

- The establishment of normal relations with teachers

Memo on the availability of documents in the department to conduct all practices

1. The basic rules of the program and a typical practice.

2. The rules of planning pedagogical practice of students (2015 - 2016 near the town.).

3. Have to Practice program designed dlyastudentov and guidelines to implement the tasks of practice of all kinds (except for program practices). The program argues dean, 2 copies of the list of contracts with base organizations (2015 - 2016 near the town.).

4. The reports and diaries of students on practice (storage period of 2 years). Minutes of the adoption of reports of students with signatures rukokovoditeley practices leading department and the base organization).

Minutes of the installation and the final conference on the practice.

5. The Chair of the Protocol on the discussion of the results of students passing practice (full analysis of practice, participation of students, academic performance, measures the students, did not arrive at the practice).

6. Plans for the faculty and the department of Practice.

7. Action Plan.

Maintenance of continuous student teaching of students 1 and 2 courses

Practice 1st year students nichinaetsya with the development of pedagogical specialties. They are distributed to public schools and according to the program of training of pedagogical disciplines acquainted with the experience of school work, the basics of the subject of teaching methods.

Activities of students 1 and 2 courses

1. Familiarity with:

- The main directions of the work plan of the school community, the class for the academic year;

- Sanitary-hygienic state schools;

- Experience in organizing school subject classrooms, methodological complexes, didactic materials;

2. Should learn:

method of research students (observation, interviews, questionnaires, activity analysis), analysis of the results achieved.

3. Participation in teaching and practical work

In soderanie ҮPT students includes practical work with children, adolescents, their parents.

Content ҮPT should cover the following types of work:

- With the students in the subject;

- Extracurricular educational;

- Social and organizational;

- Vocational guidance.

Said work of students 1 and 2 courses carried out as assistant class teacher, psychologist, director of the circle on the subject.

Tasks continuous pedagogical practice:

- Generalization of psychological and pedagogical knowledge and expertise, their use in solving specific pedagogical problems;

- The formation of the future teachers pedagogical skills and professional qualities of the person;

- Education of the feelings of constant interest and love for the teaching profession, teaching self-improvement;

- To develop a creative approach to teaching, research skills;

- The study of age and individual characteristics of children and the development of methods of study.