House student

 House of students No. 1
The commandant-Director Kamalova Gaukhar Abuhanovna
Contact work phone: 8 /7252/ 39-24-90
There are 424 places for students in the house of students. In the house of students 1 commandant, 3 watchmen, 5 technical staff, 1 boiler-house work.
On the 1st floor there is a computer room for students, a reading room, a dining room, a medical center, a treatment room, a working room for farm workers, a distribution room of bedding .
On the 2nd floor there is a training Center and exhibition center Gallery.
On 1-12 floors there is an Internet Wi-Fi.
On 3-12 floors there are living rooms of students.On each floor there is a dining room, Laundry.All rooms are designed for 2 students. All living rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, a shower room and the necessary furniture and bedding.
On the 12th floor there are living rooms for teachers who arrived for training under the academic mobility program.
Student house number 2
Commandаnt: Sarsenbaeva Nursulu Amantayevna
Contact work phone: 8-7252-21-06-82
The student house accommodates 424 students. The Student House has 1 flight attendant, 3 attendants, 4 floor cleaners, 1 yard cleaner and 1 bed worker.
On the ground floor of the Student House there are 3 guest bedrooms and a bathroom. There is 1 laundry room, pantry, medical room, computer room, 2 bathrooms, an elevator, a dining room, a TV room and a work room.
On the ground floor there is a Wi-Fi system.
On the second, third and fourth floors there are 26 rooms, 2 dining rooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 bathrooms. On the second floor there is a library and reading rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. On the 5th floor there are 28 rooms, 2 dining rooms, 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms. On each floor there is a refrigerator, gas stove and Ariston in the dining room.
House of students No. 3
The Commandant Kamalova Gulnara-Abuhanovna
Contact work phone: 8 /7252/37-11-62
There are 170 student places in the house of students. In the house of students work 1 commandant, 3 Watchmen, 3 technical staff and 1 Church.
On the 1st floor of the house of students 13 rooms with students .8 utility rooms, including a bedding warehouse, a dining room, a shower room, a Laundry room, a toilet and a room for workers.
Wi-Fi is available on the ground floor.
On the 2,3, 4 floors there are 19 rooms for students, a dining room, a Laundry room and a toilet.
Each floor has a dining room, gas stove, Ariston and TV.
All living rooms are provided with necessary furniture and bedding.
Student House No. 4
Commandant-director Trysysbekova Marzhan Seksenbaykizy
Contact work phone 8/7252 / 47-21-53
The student house has 350 places for students. Students work at home
1 commandant, 3 guardian, 2 teacher, 4 technical staff, 1 nurse, 1 electrician, 1 carpenter.
On the 1st floor there is a computer room for students, a reading room, a relaxation room, a medical center. Dining room on the 0 floor.
On the 1-4 floors there are students' living rooms.