Department of vocational guidance and placement of graduates


Head of department

e-mail:   Tel: 21-29-21

The main goals of the department:

· on the basis of vacancy fairs, preparation of contracts and in order to prepare the system of professional education cooperation organizations to provide 100% employment of graduates of the Institute;

·  involve the teaching staff to active participation in science-based system of measures for vocational guidance of school graduates, training qualified specialists in accordance with the labor market and the creation of conditions for the formation of reasonable professional and educational plans.

    The main tasks of the department:

· promote the efficient employment of SKSPI graduates through vocational guidance, providing information on the labor market and employment prospects, establishing long-term cooperation with alumni of the institute, secondary schools, organizations and other employers;

·  organization of training courses for stuff of professional institutions and organizations of the city area. Organization and carrying out of preparation courses for high schools entrants. Training seminars on pedagogical direction, round tables, trainings;

·  systematically conduct roving seminars to develop of pedagogical specialties in secondary schools in districts of SKO;

·  ensure that students familiarize with the Model Regulations training in the organization of education, implementing professional training programs in higher education.

   Contents of the department:

· organization and coordination of career guidance with educational institutions of secondary education, colleges;

·  promoting the employment of graduates of the Institute;

·  establishing a system of contractual relations with employers on employment issues;

·  providing services to educational institutions and recruitment organizations;

·  organization of training for high school students on profile subjects;

·   the organization of vocational guidance work with the holders of "Altyn belgi " in SKO and Shymkent.

·  organization work with graduates of pedagogical specialties received by 30% of rural quota

·   conduct survey to external customers;

·   conducting and organizing "Open Day" for college and school graduates in Shymkent.

Preparation for vocational guidance work of the teaching staff of SKSPI

Achievements of vocational guidance and employment of graduates

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