South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University

SKSPU has five health points, which are located at:

1. Baitursynov str. 13, educational building " A " and in the student house № 1

2. Baitursynov str. 13, educational building " В " and in the student house № 2 named after K.Ryskulbekova

3. A. Baitursynov str., 63 "C"

All medical centers are equipped with the necessary medical equipment. There are currently three nurses working.

The state license provides primary health care, pre-hospital care. Incoming students measure their weight, height, body temperature and blood pressure and are referred for referral to a doctor. A contract was signed with the city polyclinic No. 8. Each student undergoes a fluorographic examination once a year and is vaccinated against flu, chickenpox, rubella, and so on. Students with disabilities, foreigners and pregnant women are promptly enrolled in the dispensary. To prevent acute infectious diseases, students are provided with explanatory work on the control of students ' nutrition. Supervises the passage of mandatory medical examinations of the teaching staff and staff according To the rules for issuing, recording and maintaining personal medical records, approved by Order No. 126 of February 24, 2015. The hospital is provided with free medicines as part of primary health care.


Responsible nurse of the educational building "A" of SKSPU on Baitursynov street 13 and at the house of students No. 1

Doskaraeva Meruert Kanatovna

Responsible medical worker of the medical point of building “B” of SKGPU on A. Baitursynov str., 13 and at the house of students No. 2 on Ryskulbekov str. 8

Belgibaeva Saule Asanovna

Responsible medical worker of the medical center of the building " C " of SKSPU on A. Baitursynov str.,63 and the house of students 3