he department of Chemistry was established in 1986 in the Faculty of Physical Culture in the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named by M. Auezov.

At present the department prepares the competitive specialists that responding modern requirements.

To the students are taught doctors and candidates of science, masters- teachers. Scientific indicator of the department is 63,3%.

To provide a high level of education of the students in the department are equipped 3 laboratory, with the necessary equipment, 1 scientific-methodical room with a set of manuals, electronic textbooks.

To perform scientific researches students and young scientists acting 2 modern research laboratories.

At the department are conducted research work in 2 directions, involving and students:

a)      Colloid-chemical properties of water-soluble polymers and establishing a scientific basis for their application. Scientific adviser: Dr., associate professor Madybekova G.M.

b)      Innovative methods of teaching chemistry. Scientific adviser: Dr., associate professor Shagraeva B.B.

For the last three years have been published 4 books, 155 scientific works, 10 e-books, received 6 patents.

The Department each academic year organizes republican scientific-practical conference on the theme "The concept integration of education, science and production." Participate in the conference, along with well-known scientists, young researchers, graduate and undergraduate students.

For the training highly qualified specialists are established connection with scientific and methodological centers of universities and industrial facilities in Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and other foreign countries (Austria, England).

The Staff of the department conducts roundtables with the participation of school teachers on "Actual problems of training of professional educators in the specialty Chemistry." Young scientists and students in the department within the professinal orientation students are demonstrated interesting experiments on the theme "The Wonders of Chemistry."

Two teachers of the department took part in a training seminar in the framework of the TEMPUS "Computer programs in creating presentations for the lectures and laboratory work in the optimization of the educational process, interdisciplinary international research projects and PhD courses" at the Technical University of  Munich, Germany.

Associate Professors of the department attended at the training courses of the National Center of JSC " Өрлеу ", in Republican Institute "training of teachers of pedagogical spealities at higher education institutions."

Educational work with students devoted a lot of attention, which is carried out systematically.

Curators in the educational process in order to inculcate among young people of the scientific worldview, high moral character, patriotism are performed together with the students various educational activities. In particular, a week dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been completed open lesson on the theme "Тәуелсіздік тірегі – еліміздің жүрегі"

In this academic year was held open lesson on the theme " A common aim, common interests, common future" the purpose of educating the younger generation love for the motherland, unity, knowledge of the history of the country, respect for the state symbols of the Republic.