Department of Biology

The Department of Biology was established on November 17, 1989 by the decision of the administration of the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute. For the first time from 1989 to 1995 the department was headed by candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Ismailov AU headed. Since 1995 the department has been headed by doctor, associate professor Mutaliev A. M., 2009-2011 doctor, associate professor Kh.Sartayeva, from 2011 to 2014 - cps, senior lecturer Alpamyssova GB, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Aitbayeva AE led. Since 2016 the department has been headed by doctor, associate professor, and holder of the state grant "The best teacher of the university" in 2012 Baiseitova N.M. is in control.

The department trains bachelors in 6М01505-Biology teachers, 6M05101- Biology and 5B011300-Biology, 5B060700-Biology with the purpose of providing quality educational services and training of competitive professionals. Also, in the 2018-2019 academic year, licenses will be obtained for the specialties 7M01505 - Biological Teacher Training, 7M05101 - Biology and 8D01505 - Biological Teacher Training, which will prepare undergraduates and doctoral students in these areas.

The department has 22 teaching staff, including 1 doctor, academician, 2 doctors of sciences, professors, 6 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 3 candidates of sciences, senior lecturers, 9 masters. In addition, the winner of the state grant "The best teacher of the university" in 2008 was Professor Khalila AN, the holder of the state grant "The Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution" in 2008 and 2011, the associate professor associate professor Kh. and the winner of the state grant "The best teacher of the university" in 2012 Baiseitova NM function. The scientific potential of the department is 59.6%.

The department has specialized classrooms and laboratories to improve the quality of education through the use of innovative teaching technologies in the educational process, for the development of professional curricula of higher education in these specialties. 4 educational and research laboratories have been organized and equipped with modern technical means for effective teaching and teaching of video-materials, high-quality practical training with students. The laboratories of Zoology, Botany and Plant Physiology, Cytology and Histology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Human Anatomy and Animal Physiology are being used for the benefit of students.

Multilingual academic groups and English-language groups have been established in the field of English language transfer. In this connection, within the framework of external and internal academic mobility programs, contacts are established with domestic and foreign universities. In particular, with Nova University of Portugal, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, Taraz State Pedagogical Institute, Kazakh-Turkish University named after K. Yassawi.

Teachers of the department visited foreign educational institutions to improve their skills and experience. 2013 year Master's degree B.N. Kalshoraeva in Valencia, Spain, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Certificate No.0127599), and in 2014. Master's student AT Yermekbayeva completed a full course in England, organized by the National Center for Advanced Studies "Orleu" at the University of Newcastle (Certificate No.0131227) in Newcastle. In 2016 Associate Professor, Ph.D. Turebekova G.Z. He had a scientific internship at the European Academy of Natural Sciences in Dusseldorf, Germany. In the framework of scientific internship she lectured on "Medicinal plants of South Kazakhstan". He presented a scientific paper on "Prospects for using south Kazakhstan plants" at the international scientific conference "Environ mental, Engineering and legal aspects for Sustainable Living".

In 2017, PhD, Professor S.B. Lyubchik from the Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal, lectured students on the specialty 5B011300-Biology in the program of external academic mobility, called `` Understanding and the implementation of advanced research projects '' and `` Green chemistry '' ". Famous teachers of the above mentioned universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan for giving lectures in biology disciplines were cbs, associate professor Dautbayeva K., doctor of medical sciences, professor Kuandykov E.U., associate professor of Pavlodar state pedagogical institute, doctor Zhumadilov B.T. to lecture at the department.

Domestic higher education institutions are being sent to exchange students for study at the KazNPU named after Abai, Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, Taraz State Pedagogical Institute, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and work on the program of internal academic mobility. Department of "Biology" together with employers to strengthen the cooperation between schools to improve the competence of students in the system of vocational training of students №7 K. The branches of the department were established on a contract basis in the Spataev School-Lyceum and the 47th Tazhibaev School-Gymnasium. Joint agreement with "Shymkent State Zoological Park" SCCE, "Shymkent State Dendrological Park" SCCE, South-West Research Center for Animal and Plant Breeding, Nazarbayev Intellectual School and "Ecological Center" of the Department of Education of SKR to strengthen cooperation with production facilities works on the basis of contracts.

            In accordance with the plan of professional development of teachers, teachers of the department completed the advanced training courses for accelerated language training of pedagogical staff in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in the National Center for Professional Development of Teachers of Pedagogical Specialties "Orleu", as well as for the purpose of developing English language. set up. In 2015, the specialty 5B011300 - Biology passed the specialized accreditation on quality assurance.

Research work in the department of biology is carried out in two directions. From 2012 to 2014, participated in the Republican competition for research grant projects, won a grant on the topic "Impact of uranium mining on the environment." Scientific supervisors: Balabekov OS, Sartayeva HM This work was done in the area of ​​Biology Department 1.4 - "The impact of the energy section on the environment". In the 2017-2018 academic year, there were 4 research projects submitted by the department to the state grant projects competition.

Students of the specialty 5B011300-Biology take part in the Republican subject Olympiad of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and take prizes. At the department there is a circle "Young biologist". The circle works in two directions: Active forms and methods of teaching of biology, and directing and improvement of students in independent research work.