Achievements of  "Biology" department

Highly qualified faculty, service program presented two doctorates, 2 academician of NAS RK, 14 (8 on the profile) candidates. Percentage  higher degree staff,  consists  of the department is 72%. Among teachers program 3 holder of the title “Best University Teacher RK”: assistant professor of H.M. Sartayeva, A.N. Halila and N.M. Baiseitova, and  candidate of technical science  PhD. G.I.Isaev in 2013 he have a medal “Excellence in Education”.

Teachers are the main resource of educational process available to most of students. They have to have full-fledged knowledge and understanding of the taught subject, necessary abilities and experience for effective transfer of knowledge to students within educational process, and also for the organization of feedback concerning quality of their teaching. Teachers participate in improvement of an educational program: edition of textbooks, monographs, programs. Since 2013 cases, audiolectures are developed for distance learning (PILLBOX), video lectures, cases, lectures presentations online and offline lecture are also planned.

Teachers of Biology department periodically improve skills, attend the training seminars, leave in business trips in republican higher education institutions, the countries of the near and far abroad. Results of research activity of teachers of department are published in scientific magazines, collections of materials of scientific and practical conferences, including foreign. Also teaching staff annually take active part and publish scientific articles in collections the international, republican scientific and practical conferences.

Teaching staff of department performs planned state budgetary research works, collective contracts on the commonwealth, contracts on introduction, etc. (the guide of a research subject, direct performance of NIR to a subject, work on introduction of results of research development). In 2012 professors-teachers of department won grant projects on the subject "Influence of the Uranium Mining Enterprises on Environment". The grant project is financed for the sum of 12000000 tenges, professors-teachers of department actively take part in it: associate professors N. M. Bayseitov, M. U. Sarsembayeva, the senior teacher G. T. Halikova, the master - teacher A. N. Adilbekova.

By results of implementation of the project reports at faculty meeting are listened, scientific articles in distant and near foreign conferences, are published in republican editions. Students also took active part in researches, made reports at conferences, published articles.  

Teaching staff engage in systematically by preparation for the edition of textbooks, manuals, monographs, scientific articles and reports on department and conference.

So, Balabekov O. S., Sartayeva H.M. published the monograph on the subject "Technogenic Reaction and Ecological Condition of an Arid Ecosystem" (the protocol of the Academic Council No. 2 from 15.10.2014.

The associate professor E.B.Zhapparbergenova prepared the manual "video I-lab" on discipline of "Fundamentals of microbiology and virology" for carrying out laboratory works (An extract of the protocol No. 4 of scientific council of 28.01.2014). Associate professors of "Biology" E.B.Zhapparbergenova, N. M. Bayseitova, G. T. Halikova introduced results of the research works educational process.

Teaching staff of department takes part in scientific conferences of students, undergraduates, young scientists. So, the student of the 4th course Kuatbek Zh. in a co-authorship with the head of department B.Zhapparbergenova published article in the European Applied Sciences magazine which is issued in Germany (Stuttgart-Germany, 2014 March, p.5-7).

In 2013-2014 academic year of teaching staff of department of biology having handed over documents in department "Acreditation of scientific and scientific and technical services in the form of the subject" MES RK, were registered as scientific subjects and the certificate received. Them are associate professors of biology: E.B.Zhapparbergenova, M. U. Sarsembayeva, A.E.Aytbayeva, G. M. Sartbayeva, N. M. Bayseitova, G. B. Alpamysova, G. T. Halikova; masters: A. B. Alpamysova, A. Berdibekov, A. N. Adilbekov, B. N. Kalshorayeva.

In 2013-2014 academic year passed 6 Republican conferences in South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute SKSPI, teaching staff of department actively participated in conferences, made reports, were heads of the students participating in conferences, published articles. teaching staff of department took active part in conferences of Republican level on subjects "A competitive support of society teacher: "Our force" and "The concept of integration of education, science and production" also received certificates.

Annually teaching staff of department will be organized and the subject Olympic Games among students are held. Winners of the subject Olympic Games are awarded.

So, the faculty of department of biology publishes planned and unplanned publications in foreign and republican editions. In 2013-2014 academic year teachers: associate professor E.B.Zhapparbergenova, associate professor M. U. Sarsenbayeva, the Acting associate professor G. T. Halikova, G. I. Isaev published articles in "Life Science Journal" (Impact Factor 2012-01625) (Thomson Reuters, USA).

From 2011 to 2014 years teachers of department issued 4 author's patent, 2 monographs, is published: 53 educational and educational and practical grants, 13 textbooks, 172 scientific articles and theses, also with an impact-factor – 4 scientific articles, the total amount of scientific articles makes 553,5 items of l.

Annually on department the schedule of professional development  is formed and results of its realization are analyzed. For example, in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 academic year, according to the approved schedule in the center of national education "Arlea" completed advanced training courses and received certificates 6 teachers.

In 2013-2014 academic year in the Teachers' Day the head of the department "Biology" Isaev G. I. for an organizational and scientific initiative, and for active participation in public works it is awarded by the medal "Excellent Student of Education" the public association "Qurmet".

Thus, specialization of teaching staff of department of "Biology" and their level of preparation completely correspond to educational tasks.