Scientific work

Scientific works of the Department of biology

The Department of biology carries out research work in two directions. In 2016-2017 were planned and begun practical work on two research projects: In the period of 2016-2017 years - candidate of tech. Dr. I.Isaev; K. agricultural Sciences B Alpamysov; candidate of Sciences, associate Professor Khalikov G. T. together with the teachers of biology have conducted research work on the topic: "professional development of future teachers: tradition and innovation, modern teaching methods, technologies of XXI century" According to research results published textbook "Methods of teaching biology" published by "Alem", a volume of 480 pages, 500 copies, some articles.

A number of members of the Department prepared research projects and took part in the competition for 2018-2020 (Competition for program-targeted funding for scientific, scientific and technical programs for 2018-2020). Project managers: associate Professor H. M. sartaeva, associate Professor G. Z. Turebekova, M. Sarsembayeva.

In 2017, associate Professor of the Department Turebekova G. Z. took part in the International scientific Symposium "Euro-eco-2017", held in Hannover, Germany, where she made two scientific reports on "Use of medicinal plants for obtaining biologically active compounds" and "Problems of waste disposal oil production (sulphur and paraffins) in Kazakhstan". In addition, "Euro-eco-2017: Environmental" is planned to be held from 2 to 12 December 2017. Engineering and legal aspects for sustainable living has passed a scientific internship (internship) in Hannover to improve skills at the European Academy of natural Sciences. For the purpose of direct participation in scientific conferences, associate Professor G. Z. Turebekova took part in the conference "Sakharov readings 2017": Environmental problems of the 21st century, which was held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, where she made reports on the topic: "Sakharov readings 2017": Environmental problems of the 21st century.

The Ministry of Education and science organized on the basis of international Management standards in the field of training in teaching professions, the domestic and foreign experts and training of 2017 under the programme in November-December: a) associate Professor E. B. Zhapparbergenova attended the 40-hour seminar on "Modern approaches to assessment of the learners achievements", conducted by Julia Kallinikou, a specialist in the UK, in English.

b) master of the Department A. N. Adilbekova took part in the 20-hour seminar on the theme "updating the content of the secondary education system", held by specialist M. Galymzhanova and received a certificate;

C) master of the Department A. B. Alpamysova took part in a 40-hour seminar on the topic" Modern methods of assessing students 'achievements (evaluation and planning of the criterion educational process)" and received a certificate; 5)in order to develop the English language, 5 teachers of the Department took advanced training courses organized by the KazNU. al-Farabi for accelerated language training of teachers in Almaty June 2017 (certificates).

The work of the scientific section "Innovative methods of teaching biology" is carried out, the Department in order to form the professional competence of students opened the center on a contractual basis in the school-lyceum. K.Sypataeva, as well as associate Professor of The Department Zhapparbergenova E. B. is leading the work on the agreement on scientific

cooperation with the specialized boarding school number 2 for gifted children with training in three languages.

Scientific projects are carried out at the Department together with specialists of SKSU: 1) Research project on the theme " intensification of vegetable production through the implementation of agro-technological measures to obtain a three-time harvest and the development of a complex of agricultural machines and units for this purpose in the South Kazakhstan region» 2) U. Sarsembayeva takes part in the project competition for grant funding "Research of ecological-biological and biochemical features of Ferula (Feru-la assafoetida) in natural populations of Turkestan region of Kazakhstan and prospects of its use for food purposes".

To strengthen cooperation with production bases contracts with state-owned utility enterprise "Shymkent state zoo" (09.03.2018 g), With GCE "Shymkent state arboretum" (09.03.2018 g), with the "Environmental center" the Department of education YUKO (09.03.2018) and work is underwa

To strengthen cooperation with production bases contracts with state-owned utility enterprise "Shymkent state zoo" (09.03.2018 g), With GCE "Shymkent state arboretum" (09.03.2018 g), with the "Environmental center" the Department of education YUKO (09.03.2018) and work is underway.

On April 4-5, 2019, South Kazakhstan state University organized the Republican contest of scientific projects "youth news".  The 1st place in this competition was won by the 2nd year student of specialty "Chemistry-biology" Toktamys Nurbolat, scientific supervisor of the master of Biology Department al-Farabikyzy Zhanar.

Arkalyk state pedagogical Institute named after Y.Altynsarina on November 13, 2019 organized an online webinar on "Formation of IT competence among students of natural Sciences", which was attended by Universities of Almaty, Shymkent, Arkalyk, Atyrau, Taraz. Associate Professor of SKSPU Elmira Zhapparbergenova made a report on the topic: "Modern digital technologies in the field of Microbiology and biotechnology", the University students also took an active part in the webinar.