Educative work

At the Department of physics educative work is carried out in 8 directions:

І. Organization and planning

II. Formation of Patriotic consciousness

III. Spiritual and moral development

IV. Education of interethnic tolerance and social harmony

V. Legal education

VІ. Formation of a healthy lifestyleVІI. Жастар бастамаларын қолдау

VIII. Advocacy

Monthly according to the schedule in each group, the curators of groups hold educational hours for the discipline and progress of students. Students also conduct activities in these areas. In order to develop the creative abilities of students,the revival of centuries-old national culture, events are held in various clubs and circles. Traditionally, there are concert programs, «Ustaz aty mangilik» «Tusau keser» and «Autumn ball».

In February 2019, together with the faculty of physics and mathematics, he visited the orphanage No. 2 in the village of Pervomayskoye in tolebiy district and took part in the event "care of children". During the event, the children were satisfied. Students and teaching staff who took part in the event got acquainted with other aspects of life.

In November 2018, an open educational hour was held on the theme: "the first scientist-mathematician Ibadulla Akbergenov". Chairman Imanbaev N. S. attended study groups 109-15, 109-25A and teachers of the Department of physics and mathematics faculty. During the event, a festive event dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized. Students and teaching staff who took part in the event got acquainted with other aspects of life.


Memorable photos from the orphan home №2, located in the Tolebi district

The event dedicated to the Day of the teacher "Ustaz mangilik – zhadymda qalar zhangyryp»

Open educational hour on the theme " The state language-the language that unites the peoples of Kazakhstan"

Open class hour on the theme "Family - the beginning of education", dedicated to the family Day

Events of spiritual and moral development on the theme " the First Kazakh scientist-mathematician Ibadulla Akbergenov»

Open class hour for the 70th anniversary of the great Victory

Dean of the faculty during the discussion with teachers and students of the "Plan of the Nation-100 concrete steps" N. A. Nazarbayev