Educational work

In the Department of biology vospitatelno work is carried out in 8 directions

І. Organization and planning

ІІ. The Formation of consciousness patrioticheskogo

Purpose: Formation of Patriotic consciousness


  • developing the right attitudes to Patriotic values:
  • the formation of active citizenship:
  • Upbringing of love and respect for country,culture,history,folklore,customs and traditions of Kazakhstan:
  • Propoganda knowledge of the state symbols:
  • The development of responsibility and pride in the achievements of our country:

ІІІ. Spiritually-nastennoe development

Purpose: Education of the Kazakhstan patriotism,tolerance ,high culture,respect to rights and freedoms as a guarantee «the spiritual enrichment of the nation»


  • the formation of the traditional worldview and worldview,the perception of the peace all its diversity,complexity,inconsistency, and ambiguity: the recognition of the value of human life and the uniqueness of each person,education of careful attitude to each life;
  • the formation of a strong-willed character,ability to preodolevat any emerging difficulties,to be self-motivated in achieving goals;  
  • adoption and development of systems

ІV. Vospitanie social cohesion and tolerance megetnicheskiy

Purpose: To promote friendship and feelings of unity and harmony with all,tolerance to each other regardless of skin color and veroispovedaniya,use for propaganda of scientific and cultural achievement


  • education samobytnosti understanding the culture of different peoples,respect for national values:
  • promote positive attitudes towards cultural differences,providing conditions for self-realization:
  • introduction to the foundations of world culture and fostering respect for representatives of other peoples:
  • formation of culture of interethnic relations of students:
  • education of the individual in the spirit world,understanding of other peoples awareness of the need to preserve the culture of the world

V. Legal education

Purpose: Improvement of legal culture and legal conscience and instilling a conscious effort to lawful behavior


- formation of knowledge of the Republic of Kazakhstan ,the laws of the country,the strict compliance with the Constitution,laws and other legal acts of the state,its civil liability for personal conduct and actions:

- formation of knowledge of legal norms of the legal requirements and processes pravovoi the society of their rights and responsibilities understanding the social value of law,legality, personal role in ensuring the latter,ideas about the ways and means of combating violations of zakonotvortsev corresponding emotional attitude to the law,the rights and freedoms of other persons,the facts of violation of legality to the activities of the state and its authorities in the rule of law in the country:

- formation of skills to apply their legal knowledge in specific practical conditions of life and to act in accordance with the requirements of legal norms and the law:

- formation of psychological readiness of man to develop in himself the positive qualities and overcome negative,the ability to resist manifestations of violations of the law.

VІ. The Formation of a healthy lifestyle

Purpose: Foster a culture of healthy lifestyles,aimed at developing learning skills of healthy lifestyle,awareness of the importance of health as values physical perfection


- creation of conditions for realization of principles of healthy lifestyle:

- to teach students the principles and skills of healthy lifestyle education the need for regular physical training and sports:

- preservation and strengthening of schoolchildren's health,promoting proper formation and comprehensive development of the body:

- promotion of sports:

- the intensification of social experience on the formation of responsible attitude to health as value:

- the formation of a conscious need in the classroom exercise,introduction to exercise and sport practical participation in sporting competition :

- increasing the level of informirovannosti on the issues of preserving and strengthening health,involvement in active recreation,physical culture,tourism and sports

VІІ. Support of youth's initiatives

Purpose: Аssisting young people in acquiring the skills development of spasobnostyami and qualities needed for further personal and professional development and active participation in public life in the region


- development and support of initiatives of young people promoting their selves successful and active participation in society:

-  facilitating the dissemination of best practices and technology youth projects

VІІІ. Information and propagandista work in youth education  

Purpose: The integrated use of means of information influence


- comprehensive propoganda achievements of our country:

- Use MAC as mass media among

- building skills to conduct effective operations with an information environment:

- Conducting in the SKSPI vocational work:

- work with vipusknikam,the organization of the alumni Association

       Was prevedeno meropriyatii with students in these areas,development of creative abilities and multi-ethnic culture, the students participated in activities groups and clubs.Traditionally the gala-concert of the event «Myung Tandogan amandyk», «Nauryz Duman toyi the» and «OKEI ARUA -2015»