Center for Adaptation of International Students

Director of the Center for Adaptation of International Students

Philologist, teacher of Uzbek language and literature

Deputy Chairman of the Association of Uzbek Ethnocultural Association "Dustlik" of the RK in the field of education

Has been awarded with the Birlik Gold Medal


The Center for the Adaptation of International Students has been operating since September 10, 2018.

The Center for the Adaptation of International Students is subordinate to the Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Affairs.

The university rector approves the staff of the Center for Adaptation of International Students.

The center operates on the basis of an annual work plan approved by the vice-rector for social and educational affairs.

The Center takes as its basis the current Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law “On Languages”, decisions of the Academic Council of the University, organizational and administrative documents of the University’s management, the Charter of the University, acts of the rector of the University, the Charter, the Rules of Procedure, the rules for living in a dormitory; guided by the educational plans of the university and this provision.

The work of the Center for the Adaptation of International Students is focused on foreign university students.


         The main tasks of the Center for Adaptation of International Students are:

• implementation of policies and goals in the field of activities of SKGPU;

• support for the social adaptation of university international students;

• protection of the rights of International students;

• implementation of the goals set in the annual work plan;

 Participation in the implementation of the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of personnel training for foreign countries; ensuring steady growth in the contingent of foreign citizens wishing to study at SKSPU.



Coordinates accommodation and accommodation for foreigners arriving for study.

Helps to collect a package of documents for nostrification.

Organizes panel discussions, educational conferences, debates with international students.

Solves conflict and problem situations with international students; to negotiate and collaborate with colleagues.

          Internationalstudents hold literary evenings and meetings aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, promoting international peace, promoting religious tolerance and developing patriotism.

          Organizes various cultural activities and sightseeing tours in nature with international students.

          It works with active international students at the university.

          Collaborates with deans of faculties, the department of youth policy and culture on international students.

          Coordinates passport and visa registration for international students.


The Center of Friendship was created at the Center from talented and active young people.