The Department of Geography is a structural subdivision of the faculty of natural Sciences and implements professional educational programs of higher education to train teachers of geography, geography-history and the basics of law and Economics. The Department also carries out scientific-practical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific-methodical research, provides information, consulting services to organizations and enterprises, develops and implements innovative technologies in the educational process.

Training of specialists in geography in South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University dates back to 2000. Training in the specialty "History and geography" was carried out by the Department of history of Kazakhstan. The Department of Geography was founded in 2008. The first head of Department was a candidate of geographical Sciences, Professor Aigul Tokbergenova Abdugaparov. Since 2011, the Department was headed by Ph.D., associate Professor M.D.Mamadiyarov. In 2013-2014 the Department was headed by Ph.D., senior lecturer A. D. Tazhekova, in 2014-2015 – Ph.D., associate Professor M.D.Mamadiyarov, in 2015-2016 – Ph. D., senior lecturer G. B. Alpamysova, and in 2016-2018 – Ph.D., senior lecturer G. B. Isataeva.

Currently the Department is headed by PhD, associate Professor A.D. Tаzhekova.

The activities of the Department are organized in accordance with the mission, vision, goals and objectives, as well as the strategic plan of the University and aimed at their implementation.

The teaching staff of the Department is represented by 16 teachers, including: 1 doctor of science, academician, 7 candidates of science, 6 masters-senior teachers and 2 master-teachers. The scientific potential of the Department is 50 percent.

At the Department there are holders of state grants "The best teacher of the University": candidate of economic Sciences, senior lecturer G. B. Isataeva (2017), "excellent student of education" of the public Association " Qurmet-AB»

Within the framework of academic mobility for students majoring IN 5b011600-Geography in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years, PhD of the Suez canal University (Egypt) Mustafa Abdallah SELMI was invited to lecture; majoring in 5B011500-Fundamentals of law and Economics in the 2018-2019 academic year, students were lectured by Professor of the Higher Academy of business (New sonce, Poland) Marcin Edward Duszynski.

Ph.D Mustafa Abdallah SELMI, Suez canal University (Egypt)

Professor of the Higher Academy of business Marcin Edward Dushinsky,

(New Sonce, Poland)


In April 2015 specialties 5B011500-Fundamentals of law and Economics, 5b011600-Geography passed specialized accreditation ensuring the quality of education.

Teachers of the Department" Geography " periodically improve their skills, attend training seminars, go on business trips to national universities, countries of near and far abroad. Thus, the teachers of the Department have completed advanced training courses in universities of Japan, Germany, Spain, organized By the national center for advanced training "Orleu", in leading universities of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Department has scientific group "Gienger", in which students are developing in two directions:

1-direction: methods and types of active teaching of geography:

1) development of the use of interactive teaching methods in geography lessons;

2) development of students ' skills of independent research, as well as pedagogical and professional skills.

2-direction: tourist and recreational potential of the southern region:

1) development of tourist routes;

2) research of tourist, sacred objects.               

The Department continuously provides methodological assistance to secondary educational institutions of the region. Together with the regional Department of education, every year a competition of scientific projects and subject Olympiads for secondary school students is held; methodical seminars, consultations of methodical and scientific directions are held for teachers of schools of the region.

Great importance is attached to the Department of educational work, which affects the formation of personal qualities of students. The Department prepares bachelors for secondary education, carrying out professional activities in the field of training, education, personal development and social adaptation, focusing on the consumer of educational services.

The Department established communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and institutions, such as KNU named after al-Farabi, KazNPU named after Abay, LLP "Institute of geography" JSC "Parasat" MES RK, universities in Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Latvia.

Today the Department "Geography" is one of the dynamically developing educational and scientific departments of SKSPU, which makes a great contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists who meet the modern requirements of the time.