Department of Doctoral and Master Studies

In connection with obtaining a university license for the training of PhD doctors and masters in the academic year 2017-2018, the Department of Doctoral and Master Studies was created by the decision of the Academic Council of the University (order No. 4-49 of May 25, 2018).

The doctoral and master's department is a structural subdivision of the university departments for the preparation of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel (PhD doctoral students and masters).

Today, the training of specialists in doctoral and master's programs in Kazakh and English is carried out in two directions:

  • scientific and pedagogical (2-year education);
  • profile (1; 1.5 years of study).

          The preparation of doctoral and master's PhD students is carried out on the basis of state educational grants and contracts.

Students have the opportunity to use the material base of the university: equipment of laboratories of physics, chemistry, ecology, computer classes, audio and video equipment, the university library fund and information and communication technologies.

The scientific management of PhD doctoral students is carried out by leading university specialists among associate professors and professors and foreign consultants of universities near and far abroad. Doctoral studies - the active participation of doctoral students in research is carried out jointly with scientific consultants and educational organizations of foreign universities.

Graduate students who completed training in the master's curriculum are awarded the degree of "master" in the mastered specialty.

Doctoral students studying for PhD doctoral studies receive a degree in “PhD philosophy” at the end of the educational program.


The main tasks and functions of the doctoral and magistracy department:

  • Organization of work on the admission of students to doctoral PhD and graduate programs;
  • monitoring the compliance of educational programs of graduate and doctoral programs with standards and standard curricula approved by the SCES of Kazakhstan;
  • preparation of the academic calendar in the specialties of the magistracy and doctoral studies;
  • report on the topic of the dissertation and approval of the supervisors of the specialties of magistracy and doctoral studies in the departments and presentation to the scientific council;
  • Monitoring the implementation of undergraduates and PhD doctoral students undergoing scientific internships;
  • PhD doctoral studies and training of high-level specialists in the magistracy;
  • Purpose: ensuring, organizing and monitoring the quality of training and labor education among students at the highest level;
  • Organization and control of the educational and methodical work of the departments involved in the preparation of doctoral and master students PhD;
  • providing the department with internal and external regulatory documents governing the educational process in the specialties of master's and doctoral PhD;
  • Analysis of the educational achievements of undergraduates and doctoral PhD students;
  • Organization and control of the pedagogical and research practice of PhD doctoral students and undergraduates.


Address and contact numbers:

G. Shymkent, st. Baytursynova number 13, the main building 211 office.

Tel: 8 (7252) 21-29-21

        723, 710 (internal phones)