Educational work

Educational activities

       Educational work is an integral part of education. The main directions of the plan of educational work are: education of Kazakhstan patriotism and civic education; spiritual, moral and aesthetic education; popularization of national values; legal education; psychological support to students; increasing religious literacy of students and prevention of extremism; physical education, and promoting a healthy lifestyle; economic education; environmental education; fostering a culture of tolerance and inter-ethnic harmony.

Educational work is conducted in accordance with the annual plan of the department. Each teacher works with a group mentoring approved by order of the rector.

Educational activities at the department are held on the basis of a comprehensive plan that includes traditional events annually performed by faculty (on duty at the hostel, open day, the day of knowledge, competitions, KVN student spring, dedication to the students, the holidays «New Year»,  «Nauryz» ) and the work associated with the current year (the meeting with the deputies, with artists, with famous people, etc.).

The department of cultural and sports events conducted a lot of work. Every year students of the Department, the following cultural work: visits to museums, theaters, concerts, KVN-s participation in sports activities «Olympics», etc.

Also, the department conducted individual educational work among students, different from the contingent nature of the medium, marital status and other features.

For the purposes of organized celebrations scheduled dean's office a schedule of duty of teachers in the hostel during the holidays. While on duty teachers of the department conduct interviews with students about the rules of residence and the norms of behavior in the hostel.

Weekly mentors meet with their students at the educational hour. During the session, mentors and advisors shall consult with remedial students and debtors. The department has 23 advisors that are distributed across all educational groups.

The implementation of state programs:

1. The fight against drugs and drug trafficking,

2. prevention and healthy lifestyles,

3. the implementation of the Law «On Combating Corruption»

4. the discussion and implementation of the annual Message of the President of Kazakhstan.

In general, the educational work at the Department of Geography conducted regularly and systematically, at the Faculty of social life at the appropriate level.

Weekly Group held curatorial watch in the form of conversation for Academic Affairs of the exams, the behavior of students, student attendance lessons prof.orientatsionnaya jobs for specialty students about their future profession. As a cultural event - a visit to the cinema, theater, concerts.

Group friendly and active. Students groups actively participate in events organized by the institute and the faculty.

Students attend the sports section, participate in various competitions conducted by the University.