The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1938. In 1938-1945, the only Department «Physics and mathematics», the head of which was Sheynesson S. G., who graduated from the University of Bern (Switzerland), worked at the teachers ' Institute. In 1945-1954 this Department was divided into two departments: Mathematics (head Sheynesson S. G.) and Physics (heads Goryachko G. V.,Yyudelevich I. G., then Aripov Abdulla Alimbayevich until 1957-1971).

After the reorganization of the teachers ' Institute into a Pedagogical Institute, the Department of "Mathematics" was divided into two departments in 1956: the Department of "Elementary mathematics" (head Bektaev K. B., 1956-1971) and the Department of "Higher mathematics" (heads of this Department were docent Tsoi A. G. (1957-1958), (1960-1969), Tsoi I. P. (1958-1960), Abenova M. A. (1969-1974), Mamaev L. I.(1974-1986) and Kirgizbaev Zh. (1986-1997).

The Department «Geometry and methods of teaching mathematics» was opened in 1970, the position of head of which in different years held docent  Mostovoy A.I (1970-1977), docent  Abenova M. (1977-1989), docent Ilyasov Sh.M. (1989-1995), docent Abdrakhmanov K. (1995-1997). In 1997, these departments were merged into the Department of «Higher mathematics», the head of which was docent Abdrakhmanov K. (1997-2004), docent Imanbaev N. (2004-2007), docent Abdrakhmanov K. (2007-2011).

In July 2011, after the reorganization of the former Shymkent Pedagogical Institute and the opening of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute from September 1, 2011, the departments of higher mathematics, physics and vocational training were merged and the Department «Mathematics, physics and vocational training» was opened, the head of which was appointed docent Abdrakhmanov K. 27 teachers worked at the Department, including 4 doctors of Sciences, 17 candidates of Sciences.

In 2012, in connection with the division of the specialty «Vocational training» Department «Mathematics, physics and vocational training» was transformed into the Department «Physics-mathematics», the head of which was appointed C.of Ph.-M. Sc. Berdaliev D., since 2016 – D. of P. Sc. Kadirbayeva R. I. In connection with the opening of master's and doctoral studies in the specialties 5B011000-Physics, 5B010900-Mathematics, 5B012600-Mathematics-physics, 5B012800-Physics-Informatics with 2018-2019 academic year the Department it was divided into two: the Department of «Physics» and the Department of «Mathematics».

Today, the head of the department «Mathematics» is D. of P. Sc., docent R. I. Kadirbaeva. The department employs 15.5 full-time PTS members, of these, 4 doctors of sciences, 9 candidates of sciences (1 professor, 6 docents, 2 senior teachers), 2 masters, the degree of the department is 86.6%.  

Well-known professors in the Republic work at the department: D. of P. Sc. Rakhymbek D., D. of P. Sc. Zhumabayev M., C. of Ph.-M. Sc. Imanbaev N. S. Professor Rakhymbek D. conducts research work on the issues of teaching mathematics in schools and teacher training. In this direction, the professor has published about 200 scientific articles and about 50 teaching aids. The works written on the methodology of teaching mathematics are a great contribution to the methodological training of school teachers and students. Professor Rakhymbek D. twice became the holder of the state grant «The best teacher of the University» (2004, 2007).

Professor Imanbaev N.S has published more than 10 articles in journals with non-zero impact factor (Thomson Reuters, Scopus, Shpringer), the Hirsch index in the information databases Web of Science, Thomson Reuters and Scopus increased to h=4. In 2018-2019 academic year in the ranking of the PTS Universities scored 1908 points, Professor Imanbaev N. took the I-th leading place and 1 monograph has been published in Germany. He was the scientific supervisor of the project No. 0825 / GF4 "Non-Powerfully regular spectral problems: description of classes of boundary conditions and stability of the basicity property of root vectors", which won from the Institute of mathematics and mathematical modeling in the competition of scientific projects of the Committee of science of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan in 2015-2017. In 2018, he was included in the General rating of the PTS universities (TOP-50) of the National rating conducted by the Independent accreditation and rating Agency (NAAR) and became the holder of the state grant "The best teacher of the University".

Head of the Department Kadirbaeva R. I. won a grant in the amount of 14 768 955.98 tenge for grant funding of scientific and scientific - technical projects of the MES RK for 2018-2020 on the topic "Formation of professional competence of future teachers of mathematics through the development of information and communication subject environments".

Docent Sh. Altynbekov was awarded several awards at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences: To obtain the honorary title “Honored Worker of Science and Education”, the Presidium of the RAE presented a certificate of scientific and pedagogical activity and was awarded the Diploma of Professor of Natural Sciences by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Russia, June 9, 2016) ; Doctor of Science degree by decision of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences 2016; awarded the Order of Primus Inter Pares - First Among Equals (28.09.2016).

Scientists-teachers who have made a significant contribution to the mathematical education of students and were leaders in this direction.

Бектаев Қ.Б.

Мостовой А.И.

Мамаев Л.И.

Абенова М.А.

Қырғызбаев Ж.Қ.

Абдрахманов Қ.

The staff of the Department "Higher mathematics" in 2000

Docent S. E. Tileukabylov for consultations with students. 


Every lecture of docent  Baitasov U.B. is interesting.          

The staff of the Department "Physics-mathematics" in 2011.

Minister A. Sarinzhipov gets acquainted with the laboratories of the department (2017)

Vice-Minister T. Balykbaev visits the laboratory of the department (2016)


The staff of the department "Physics and Mathematics" (2016)

Open lesson with students of the specialty "Mathematics"

At a meeting of the department (2018)