History of the Department

Department of " preschool and special pedagogy "was established by the decision of the extraordinary meeting of the Academic Council on may 5, 2015 and by the order of the rector of SKSPI No. 4-329 as the Department of "preschool education and defectology". Since 2011, the Department produces bachelors in specialties 6B01201-preschool education and education and 6B01901-Special pedagogy. The Department has 12 candidates of science, 1 candidate of science, 6 senior teachers, 8 masters-teachers. Scientific potential of the Department – 44.4 %.

Senior lecturer of the Department Zh. b. Balazhanova is winner of the medal " Y.Altynsarin" (2015), C.f.s., associate Professor Zh. a. Masalieva-medal "excellent education" (2013), C.f.s., senior lecturer K. N. Darkulova – "Best propodavatel University" (2005), C.p.s., senior lecturer T. A. Turmakhanova – expert of KazTest.

All specialties are taught in the state and Russian languages. In the training of specialists in the areas OF 5B010100 - Preschool education and education /6B01201 - Preschool education and education, 5B010500-Defectology/6B01901 - Special pedagogy study 487 students. According to the program of multilingual education are trained: 50% of students - in the language of study, 30% - in the second language, 20% - in English .

In the 2018-2019 academic year, a master's degree in 7m010100 - Preschool education and upbringing, 7M010500-Defectology was opened. Currently, 5 undergraduates are studying.

3 teachers of the Department are studying in the doctoral program of Kazspu. Abai's.

According to academic mobility, the Department has established a close relationship with universities in countries such as Poland, Turkey, Latvia, Russia. Faculty and students of the Department improve their skills in universities of foreign and foreign countries. There are all conditions for training and research activities of students abroad.  On the basis of international agreements, scientific cooperation is carried out with scientists of Burgas Svoboden University (Bulgaria), Tashkent state pedagogical University. Nizami, departments "speech Therapy and psycholinguistics", "Preschool pedagogy" Saratov state national research University. N. G. Chernyshevsky.

The teaching staff and students of the Department improve their skills in universities of near and far abroad and practice: senior teachers K. N. Darkulova at the University of Tsukuba (Japan), S. A. Turmakhanova – at the University of Lisbon (Portugal), D. Kozhabaeva at the University of Gazi (Turkey), U. Zh.Kudaibergenova – at the Institute of correctional pedagogy and psychology of the National pedagogical University.  N. p. Dragomanova (Ukraine), Zh. M. Kaipova and B. A. Ayapova - at the Moscow state pedagogical University, A. Shataeva - at the University of Burgas Svoboden u (Bulgaria).

In the 2018-2019 academic year in the rating "national rating – 2019" independent Agency ARTA (NAAR) specialty 5B010500 - "Defectology" took 2nd place, 6M010500-"Defectology" - 3rd place, 5B010100 – "Preschool education" - 4th place.