Imanbaev Nurlan Sairamovich

Imanbaev Nurlan Sairamovich

1. Education: Higher

    Academic degree: C. of Ph.-M. Sc., Professor in the specialty 01.01.00 Mathematics.

    Professional qualification: Mathematician. Teacher

    Taught disciplines: Complex analysis, functional analysis, mathematical analysis, differential equations, integer functions and exponential series.

    Time, period of work in this organization:  4 years (2011-2012, since 2016)

2. Academic experience: KazChTI -1990-1991, KazSU-1991-1992, Abai ASU-1993-1996, AITB, KazАТC-1996-1997, Al-Farabi КаzNU-1997-1999, ShI IKTU -1999-2011, Yassawi  IKTU -2012-2016, Institute of Mathematics and mathematical modeling MES RK since 2012

3. Non-academic experience: Secondary school teacher -1992-1993, in special schools -1997-1999

4. Certificates of professional development with date or professional registration

Name of qualification course



Advanced training for the course "Boundary value problems for differential equations with involution" in the amount of 72 hours at M. Auezov SKSU.

04.06.2018 – 15.06.2018


Short-term scientific internship in the specialty 01.01.02 - Differential equations on the basis of the international scientific conference "Modern methods of the theory of boundary value problems" at the CMC faculty at  M.V. Lomonosov  Moscow State University.

02.05.2018- 07.05.2018



Training seminar “Preparation of a report on self-assessment of a higher educational institution within the framework of institutional accreditation” Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

November 22, 2019.



5. Membership in professional organizations: member of the Trade Union Committee

6. Awards and prizes: awarded the prize "For Academic Honesty" established by Almaty Management University - 2015, holder of the title «The Best Teacher of the University -2017» MES RK 

7. Activity in the services sector: no

8. The most important publications and presentations of the last five years – title, co-authors (if any), where published and / or presented, date of publication or presentation:

Publication name


Conference and journal title



On stability of basis property of root vectors system of the Sturm-Liouville operator with an integral perturbation of conditions in nonstrongly regular Samarskii-Ionkin type problems


Journal: «International Journal of  Differential Equations» -2015.-Vol.2015, Art. № 641481.- P.1-8. Web of Science, Scopus (SJR 0.349).





Stability of the basis property of eigenvalue systems of Sturm-Liouville operators with an integral boundary condition


Journal: «Electronic Journal of Differential Equations» -2016. –Vol.2016, Art. №87.  Web of Science (Q1; IF 0.954), Scopus (SJR 0.572).





Stability of the basis property of system of  root functions of Sturm-Liouville operator with integral boundary condition


AIP Conf. Proc. – 2016. Vol. 1789. – P. 040026. Web of Science, Scopus (SJR 0.132).





Regular Differential Operator with Perturbed Boundary Condition


Journal: «Mathematical Notes». – 2017 – Vol.101, №5. – P. 768-778. DOI: 11468. Web of Science (Q3; IF 0.484), Scopus (SJR o.431)



   Sadybekov M.A.


Distribution of eigenvalues of a third-order differential operator with strongly regular boundary conditions


AIP Conference Proceedings 1997, 020027 (2018); Web of Science, Scopus (SJR 0.327).




Characteristic Determinant of a Boundary Value Problem, Which Does Not Have The Basis Property


Journal: «Eurasian Mathematical Journal». – ISSN 2077-9879. – Vol.8, №2 (2017). – P.40-46. Scopus (SJR 0.197).


    Sadybekov M.A.


On eigenvalues of third order composite type equations with regular boundary value conditions


Journal: «Bulletin of the Karaganda University, Mathematics Series». - №4. – 2019.  Web of Science.


    Ospanov M.N.


Characteristic Determinant of  the spectral problem for the Sturm-Liouville operator with the perturbed boundary value conditions


Journal: «Bulletin of the Karaganda University, Mathematics Series». - №2(82) – 2016.  Web of Science.




Regular Sturm-Liouville Operators With Integral Perturbation of Boundary Condition


Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics. Symposium Functional Analysis in interdisciplinary Applications. FAIA 2017; PP. 222-234. Web of Science, Scopus (SJR 0.271).


   Sadybekov M.A.


On spectral question of the Cauchy-Riemann operator with homogeneous boundary value conditions


Journal: «Bulletin of the Karaganda University, Mathematics Series». - №2(90) – 2018.  Web of Science


Kangushin B.E.


Вопросы устойчивости свойства базисности корневых векторов


LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Deutschland, Saarbrucken -2016. -90 p. ISBN: 978-3-659-89087-1


Дилдабек Г.


Неусиленно регулярные спектральные задачи: Описание классов краевых условий и устойчивость свойства базисности корневых векторов


Алматы: «Tandem-2», 2018. – 128 с.

 ISBN: 978-9965-618-52-9.




Asymptotic Behavior of zeros of entire Functions of Certain Class


Shymkent: «Alem», 2017.–28p

ISBN: 978-9965-07-317-5



Бір класстағы бүтін функциялардың нөлдерінің асимптотикасы


Shymkent: «Alem», 2018.-44с

ISBN: 978-9965-618-54-3



9. A brief listing of new professional, experimental development, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental development :


Supporting document


Scientific supervisor of SRW on the theme: 0825/GF4 «Unamplified regular spectral problems: Description of classes of boundary conditions and stability of the basis property of root vectors» 2015-2017y.

Contract No. 75 for grant financing from February 12, 2015 RSE "Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling"


Performer, LSE of grant project AP05132587, 2018-2020

Order of RSE «Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling»


10. If there are additions, then you can indicate those important activities that are not marked in the list of resumes: external expert of the NSC in the specialty Mathematics; scientific supervisor of the one first-year master's student, 2016-2017 member of the Dissertation Council, specialty 6D010600-Mathematics at Al-Farabi KazNU. the official reviewer of one dissertation PhD at Al-Farabi KazNU.    

17 articles have been published on the Web of Science database, Hirsch index h = 4,

19 articles have been published on the Scopus database, Hirsch index h = 4.