Faculty of Philology

Philology Faculty

Philology Faculty is one of the first faculties at the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute.

In 20 years of the XX-century according to the decision of the central Committee Council about training of specialists the higher educational facilities were opened in the capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty and in some regional centers.

On the basis of order of the Board of people’s commissariat of Kazakh RSU the Shymkent teachers institute was opened in Shymkent. 120 students were accepted at the historical - philological faculty in 1937-1938 academic year. Most of them there were the students of philology faculty, “Kazakh language and literature”, “Russian language and literature” specialties.

On the basis of order № 881,12 July 1965 of Ministry of higher and secondary special education the historical-philological faculty was divided into two individual faculties.

The faculty was leaded by R.Barlybaev, Zh. Ospanova, A. Ibrayev, K. Montaev.

At this moment the Philology faculty consists of four departments:

· Department of Russian language and lterature;

· Department of Kazakh and world literature;

· Department of Foreign languages;

· Department of English language.

Philology Faculty prepares specialists in the following specialists:

5В011700- Kazakh language and literature,

5В011800- Russian language and literature,

5В011900 – Foreign languages: two foreign languages

5В012100- Kazakh language and literature at schools with non-kazakh language studying,

5В012200- Russian language and literature at schools with non-russian language studying.

The clubs “Syr sandyk” (treasury of talents), «Zerde» (Mind), «English club» were provided in the philological scientific school.