Zhumabayev Мyktybek Zhandarbekovich

Zhumabayev Мyktybek Zhandarbekovich

1. Education: Higher

    Academic degree: D. of Ph.-M. Sc., Professor

    Professional qualification: Mathematics teacher

    Taught disciplines: analytical geometry, foundations of higher algebra

    Time, period of work in this organization:  7 years (since 2013)

2. Academic experience:   TarSPI since 1970, Yassawi  IKTU since 2012, SKSPU since 2013.

3. Non-academic experience: no

4. Certificates of professional development with date or professional registration

Name of qualification course



Course «Using interactive approaches in mathematics at the University»

1 February 2017



5. Membership in professional organizations: member of the Trade Union Committee

6. Awards and prizes: no

7. Activity in the services sector: no

8. The most important publications and presentations of the last five years – title, co-authors (if any), where published and / or presented, date of publication or presentation:

Publication name



Conference and journal title



Исследование НДС системы талевого канала и бурильной колонны


Вестник Национальной Академии Наук РК, 2015,№1

Бараев А.

Тулеп А.


Join solution of system

of N Novlinert differention egoutions


Сборник тезисов VI конгресса математического общества тюркоязычных стран. Окто---2-5, 2017, Астана, Казахстан

Karimbaev Т.D.

Myktybekov Б.


Оссемитричная деформация составных трансверсальных-изотропных цилиндрических тел


Вестник ЮКГПУ, научно-педагогический журнал, №1-2(15-16) 2018.

Мыктыбеков Б.

Жумабаев К. Ж.


Computer simulation of a small gal turbive ceramic blade


Journal of physics: conference serics, papel. Open Accees to cite hhis. III(2018) 01.2015. det 10. 1088 / 1742-6596 /1111/ 1/01 2045  

Shevchenko I.B.

Myktybekov Б.

Agamirov L.K.


9. A brief listing of new professional, experimental development, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental development : no

10. If there are additions, then you can indicate those important activities that are not marked in the list of resumes: no