Scientific work(SW)

Research work

Research work of the University is conducted in the following areas:

1. Higher School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:

• Problems of teaching methods of physics and mathematics in the 12 years of education;

• Actual problems of modern mechanics;

• Formation of the pedagogical competence of a future teacher in the Higher school;

• Mathematical modeling of processes of formation of filaments;

• Colloid-chemical properties of polymers, dissolved in water and the creation of a scientific explanation for their use;

• Innovative methods of teaching chemistry;

• Environmental pollution of natural objects in South Kazakhstan by emissions from factories and vehicles;

• Interactive methods and types of learning biology;

• Local studies of geographic, economic and legal concepts.

2. Higher School of Humanities and Social Sciences:

• Topical issues of Kazakh philosophy study;

• Social political development of modern Kazakhstan;

• Theory, technique and technology of training of future teachers and leaders;

• Pedagogical bases of training of future teachers in 12 year-system education;

• Fundamentals of psychology and educational rehabilitation and social adaptation of personality;

• Archival and manuscript holdings of the CIG (countries of independent governments) and China - the historical sources of the Southern regions of Kazakhstan and Central Asia in the XVIII-XX centuries;

• Methods and innovative learning of Fine Art technologies at Higher School;

• Ways and possibilities of the use of innovative technologies in the professional training at Higher School;

• Scientific and methodological bases of subject teaching in the formation of professional competence of future primary school teachers;

• Grammar of Literature;

• Innovative technology of integration of disabled children of the society in modernization period.

3. Higher School of creative and innovative technologies

• Fundamental and applied bases of musical, cultural and creative learning in the context of innovative development of Kazakhstan;

• Basics of patriotic education of students by introducing Republic games in the school curriculum;

• Education of young people to the sport by formation of  healthy lifestyle;

• Education of students for patriotism in base of the military traditions modernization;

• Education of future teachers for  high level  training of  physical education classes.

4. Higher School of Philology

• The Republic idea is the foundation of the spiritual unity of the people of Kazakhstan;

• The relationship of folklore and literature, topical problems of literary criticism, literary relations and methods of teaching literature;

• Actual problems of literature studies;

• World Literature and literary connections;

• Formation of competitive personalities on the base of  multilingual education;

• Ethnopedagogics: methods of Foreign language teaching;

• Pedagogics, history of Pedagogics and ethnopedagogics;

• Comparative historica, typological and contrastive linguistics.