Research projects

Scientific projects

The faculty of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University presented 19 projects of grant financing for 2018-2020, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 project of target financing, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2018-2020 years. 6 projects were sent to the competition for financing target programs.

As a result, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor   P. Kadyrbaeva   1 grant project was won under the leadership of the total amount of financing 14 million 746 thousand .T Enge.   In the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, published on January 10, 2018 in his Message to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “New Development Opportunities in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, a number of works implemented in the field of education and science development are analyzed.   One of the most important issues in the Address is “Smart Technologies” - the possibility of developing the agro-industrial complex.

The head of state stressed that the agrarian policy should be aimed at a cardinal increase in labor productivity and an increase in the export of processed goods.   To this end, a university professor    A.M. Ashirov   took part in the grant financing organized by the Scientific Fund JSC, and won a grant for the commercialization of the technology “Preliminary processing of seeds of agricultural crops” for 2018–2020 (190 million tenge).   In this regard, he founded LLP "SIC Eco-product".   Professor A. Ashirov attracts young scientists and students to commercialize the winning grant.

Joint scientific seminars, conferences, round tables are held on the basis of domestic treaties with the aim of enhancing scientific research.   .

  In total, for the 2015-2017 academic year, 13 research projects are planned, including 9 projects submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, grant -1.

The theme of the grant project is “Formation of a positive image of the regions of Kazakhstan as a potential for the integration of society”.

The aim of the project is to analyze the objective and subjective factors that shape the image of the regions of Kazakhstan in a multicultural that contributes to or hinders the integration of Kazakhstan’s society, and identifying mechanisms for eliminating socio-cultural, economic and political imbalances in the territorial and spatial development of the country.

Scientific Project Leader - Esimova Aigul Begenovna , Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences.

In addition, since September, according to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute, three research and innovation projects have been functioning.   This: Candidate of Technical Sciences   under the leadership of G. Isaev

  Training in patriotism using innovative technologies in teaching Trinity teachers and schoolchildren to future teachers and students led by G.K.Nurmukhanbetova , “Methods of teaching biology in the future Professionalism of a teacher: traditions and changes, modern pedagogical methods, technologies of the twentieth century” Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, R.N. Begaliyeva , research and innovation projects "Innovative aspects of learning."  

The university has done a lot of work on the modernization of the management of science and innovation.

Examinations are carried out in order to give a positive assessment of research work at the university.   According to the results of the examination, additional scholarships will be provided to the faculty of the University, which annually makes a significant contribution to the field of science, and will be presented by the best competitions and projects organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Scientific Foundation.

   Report   grant project manager   R.I. Kadyrbaeva behind   2018 was approved by the National Academic Council and approved for 2019.