Council of Young Scientists

Council of Young Scientists

Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists:

Lecturer of the Department of Linguistics PhD Ergobek Zh.S.

Secretary: Alpamysova A.B. – Master-Lecturer of Biology Department


Council of Young Scientists of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute is founded by Rector’s order in 2011. Council of Young Scientists of the Institute is an advisory collegiate body representing the interests of young scientists and professionals working at the Institute. The main objective of the Council of Young scientists is to unite the young scientists of the Institute, assist in raising the professional level and more fully exploit the scientific potential of young scientists.

The main tasks of the Council of Young Scientists:

• Informing young scientists on scientific programs, funds, projects, conferences, seminars and other events organized by universities in the country of Kazakhstan, as well as near and far abroad;

• Promote the progress of science, education, best practices, and to organize creative and exploratory, scientific and pedagogical work for secondary school students, higher school students, secondary special education students;

• Encouragement of scientific works of young scientists of the Institute through special events: conferences, seminars, round tables, schools and training;

• Creating links with scientists from other universities of Kazakhstan and foreign countries,

• Assistance to the growth of the professional level of young scientists of the  Institutions and processes to enhance their skills.