Vice-rector for educational and methodical work


Vice Rector for Socio-educational work, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs - Acting 1st Vice-Rector,  Associated Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences

In 1990 Isabek B.K. entered Shymkent M.Auezov pedagogical Institute, in 1995 she graduated from the K.Yasavi International Kazakh-Turkish University, Shymkent Branch with honors by History specialty.

She began her labor activity in 1995 as a trainee-applicant at Department of "History of Kazakhstan", K.Yasavi ShI IKTU.  In 1998-2002 – the lecturer, Senior lecturer at  Department of "World History";  in 2000-2002 - Deputy Dean of Department of History;  in 2002-2003 - head of the Department of Kazakhstan History; in 2003-2004 - Deputy Dean at the correspondence department. In 2004-2008 - Dean of the Faculty of History K.Yasavi ShI IKTU; in 2008-2011 - Dean of the History and Law Faculty; in the 2011-2012 academic year she served with dignity as a Dean of Historical and Pedagogic Faculty of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute.

April 27, 1999 B.K. Isabek defended her candidate dissertation on "Contribution of study of the Kazakhstan history and scientific-organizational activity" under the supervision of R.B. Suleimenov at the Sh.Sh.Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology behalf of Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Education and Science, Almaty,  specialty -  07.00.02 - Patriotic history (the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan). In 2008 she received the rank of Associated Professor.

B.Қ. Isabek has published more than 100 scientific articles, 1 monograph, 6 manuals, 6 copyright curricula, 12 teaching aids. She presented papers at several national and international scientific conferences. She passed training courses in Istanbul, Izmir, Moscow, Tashkent, Almaty, Astana.

In 2006 B.Қ.Isabek was awarded a state grant dedicated to "Gifted young scientists 2006-2008" from Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Education and Science. In 2008 she awarded the state grant "The best lecturer of the Higher School" from the Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Education and Science.

B.K.Isabek was awarded with letters of appreciation for her social and creativity achievements by the South Kazakhstan Akim, by city Akim.

Since 1999 B.Қ.Isabek is being an active member of the urban and regional “Council of Young Scientists” of Shymkent city. She is an Agitator, an active member of the group of lecturers on the Spread of President Message under leadership of South Kazakhstan Oblast Akim and Akim of Shymkent city. In 2005 she nominated with diploma “The best Agitator”.

Under the leadership of Barshagul Kashkynkyzy several master dissertations and undergraduate theses were successfully defended. Her followers have won the national competitions organized by the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, became the winners of scientific projects, grantees of the presidential scholarship "Bolashak".

Under her direct supervision there were held a number of Republic and International scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical conferences, Republican Olympiads.

From August of 2012 she was being a Vice-rector on Upbringing work of the South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, from September of 2014 - Vice Rector for socio-educational work, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs - Acting 1st Vice Rector.